Michael Martinetz, Jakob Rehrl, Isabella Aigner, Stephan Sacher and Johannes Khinast A Continuous Operation Concept for a Rotary Tablet Press Using Mass Flow Operating Points
Astrid Rupp, Martin Steinberger and Martin Horn Sliding Mode Based Platooning With Non-Zero Initial Spacing Errors
Julia Kruisz, Jakob Rehrl, Stephan Sacher, Isabella Aigner, Martin Horn and Johannes Khinast RTD Modeling of a Continuous Dry Granulation Process for Process Control and Materials Diversion
Marco Wallner, Clemens Mühlbacher, Gerald Steinbauer, Sarah Haas, Thomas Ulz and Jakob Chrysant Ludwiger A Robust and Flexible Software Architecture for Autonomous Robots in the Context of Industrie 4.0
Marco Cattani, Carlo Alberto Boano, David Steffelbauer, Stefan Kaltenbacher, Markus Günther, Kay Römer, Daniela Fuchs-Hanusch and Martin Horn Adige CySWATER 3-6
Stefan Kaltenbacher, David Steffelbauer, Marco Cattani, Daniela Fuchs-Hanusch, Kay Uwe Römer and Martin Horn A Dynamic Model for Smart Water Distribution Networks
Roland Falkensteiner Modelbased slip control of a torque converter lock-up clutch
Viktor Unterberger, Klaus Lichtenegger, Peter Innerhofer, Bernhard Gerardts and Markus Gölles Evaluation of the Potential for Efficiency Increase by the Application of Model-Based Control Strategies in Large-Scale Solar Thermal Plants
Viktor Unterberger, Klaus Lichtenegger, Peter Innerhofer, Bernhard Gerardts and Markus Gölles Modelling of large-scale solar thermal plants for control purposes
Joachim Kelz, Christopher Zemann, Daniel Muschick, Georg Hofmeister, Alexander Weissinger, Markus Gölles and Christoph Hochenauer Evaluation of the Combustion Behaviour of Straw, Poplar and Maize in a Small-Scale Biomass Boiler Proceedings 25th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, 12-15 June 2017, Stockholm, Sweden 1958-1966
Stefan Koch, Matija Ponikvar, Martin Steinberger and Martin Horn Model Predictive Temperature Control of a Distribution System for ChemicalsDynamics and Control of Advanced Structures and Machines109
Zlatan Ajanovic, Michael Stolz and Martin Horn Energy efficient driving in dynamic environment: Considering other traffic participants and overtaking possibilityComprehensive Energy Management – Eco Routing & Velocity Profiles61
Markus Reichhartinger, Sarah Spurgeon, Martin Forstinger and Martin Wipfler A Robust Exact Differentiator Toolbox for Matlab/Simulink 20th IFAC World Congress, Toulouse, France 1747
Mohammad Ali Golkani, Martin Steinberger, Markus Bachinger, Johannes Rumetshofer, Michael Stolz and Martin Horn Optimal Gear Shift Strategy for Dual Clutch Transmissions 20th World Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control 4951-4956
Astrid Rupp and Michael Stolz Survey on Control Schemes for Automated Driving on HighwaysAutomated Driving43-69
Astrid Rupp Trajectory Planning and Formation Control for Automated Driving on Highways
Martin Kirchengast, Martin Steinberger and Martin Horn Input Matrix Factorizations for Constrained Control Allocation
Alexander Barth, Markus Reichhartinger, Kai Wulff, Johann Reger, Stefan Koch and Martin Horn Indirect Adaptive Sliding-Mode Control Using the Certainty-Equivalence PrincipleAdvances in Variable Structure Systems and Sliding Mode Control—Theory and Applications167-197
Georg Stettinger, Martin Benedikt, Markus Tranninger, Martin Horn and Josef Zehetner Recursive FIR-Filter design for fault-tolerant real-time co-simulation
Monica Rotulo, Martin Steinberger and Martin Horn Discrete-Time Sliding Mode for Networked Systems
Astrid Rupp Trajectory planning and formation control for automated driving

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