IPZ Research Seminars

Bi-weekly we are conducting research seminars where PhD students as well as senior researchers from TU Graz and external organisations are sharing and  discussing their research. The events are held at the IPZ social room. Here is the list of upcoming and past events:

  • 2018-Mar-8th 8h30 Soft Matter Lab Tour, Meeting Point Stremayrgasse 9
  • 2018-Feb-8th 8h30 - Michi Wei├čl, TU Graz, Cellulose Thin Films from Cellulose Xanthate - Preparation, Characterization and Applications
  • 2018-Jan-25th 8h30, Miltscho Andreev, TU Graz
    FRET Microscopy
  • 2018-Jan-11th 8h30, Michael Richter, TU Graz
    Effect of papermaking variables of HSI paper curl
  • 2017-Dec-14, 16h00, Werner Schlemmer, TU Graz,
    Lignin in Redox Flow Batteries
  • 2017-Nov-16, 16h00 Justin O. Zoppe
    Adolph Merkle Institute, University of Fribourg
    Polysaccharide nanocrystals: colloidal building blocks for bottom-up engineering
    of complex structures
  • 2017-Nov-02, 16h00. Thomas Harter, TU Graz,
    Paper Curl: Fiber orientation and dried in stresses
  • 2017-Oct-19, 16h00 Barbora Benetkova
    Univ. Chemistry and Technology, Prague, Czech Republic
    Research on Preservation and Restauration of Books and Documents
  • 2017-Oct-05, 9h30. Julie Bossu, TU Graz,
    Characterization and Swelling of Tropical Wood Fibers

Relevant Conferences


October 23rd to 25th, 2017 | Retzhof, Leitring | Austria



The Proceedings of the 2017 Cellulose Doctoral Students Conference are available for download here.