Cellulosic Fines - Properties and Applications

Cellulosic Fines - Properties and Applications

Fine cellulosic particles like MFC and NFC have recently drawn a lot of attention. With new activities in the field of biorefinery our focus in recent years has been on the fines fraction of pulps already showing properties very similar to what is generally adressed as MFC. 

Biopolymer Interfaces and Structures

Biopolymer Interfaces and Structures

Biopolymer interfaces play an important role in biological and industrial processes. We employ a wide range of surface analytical tools to investigate interaction processes at biopolymeric materials such as films and fibers.

Paper Performance

Paper Performance

Understanding the physical and chemical mechanisms for mechanical-, optical- and surface properties as well as liquid interactions of paper is the basis for successful product development and process improvement.


Institute of Paper, Pulp and Fibre Technology

The Institute of Paper, Pulp and Fiber technology is the major institute in Austria to perform research and development and to educate students at all levels in the field of pulp, paper and biobased materials. The philosophy of the Institute is to combine practical needs of industrial partners with high level research in order to provide the best possible environment for students to acquire and to apply the gained knowledge. The Institute is involved in many large scale research activities to advance the use of biobased products, to optimize value chains and to develop new materials with added value while better understanding basic interaction mechanisms in these materials. The activities are performed in the frame of COMET projects, CD laboratories, H2020 programs, FFG and FWF projects and cover both fundamental and applied research. Lately, the Institute took the lead in the H2020-BioEnergyTrain project, which aims at providing a European best practice case to develop a master’s program in the field of Biorefinery Engineering. Together with 12 partners, we aim at educating the next generation of biorefinery engineers for the development of a biobased economy. The Institute is certified according to the ISO 17025 and also provides services in pulp and paper testing and in checking of measuring instruments applied in the pulp and paper industry.


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