ATC1 Event Overview & Funding

This event is part of the "MatheGRAM" project that started January 1st 2019. A general project information can be found HERE.

You can register for this EVENT HERE (registration is currently closed)

ATC1 will start with an evening reception (7.00 p.m.) on Sunday, November 17th, and will end at approximately 5 p.m. on Friday, November 22nd. Training courses will start on Monday, November 18th, 8.30 a.m.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement MATHEGRAM No 813202.

Schedule & Links

This is the SCHEDULE (and other important information)

THIS IS THE LINK to the "student read only" cloud directory (password protected)

THIS IS THE LINK to the "student exchange" cloud directory (password protected)

Use THIS LINK to connect to the GITHUB page (used during LIGGGHTS and version control tutorials)


The Sunday reception will take place at "Wirtshaus Glöckl Bräu" in Graz City Center (see LINK)

ATC1 will take place at different lecture halls in TU Graz' Inffeldgasse Campus (see the TU Graz map). Use the tram to get to "Schulzentrum St. Peter", and then walk to the building Inffeldgasse 13 for the registration. 

Important things to consider:

  • Trainings are in different buildings in Inffeldgasse which can be accessed by a short 5 minute walk.
  • The large lecture halls (HS i8 and HS i9) are in Inffeldgasse 13
  • Seminars will be held in Inffeldgasse 25b
  • IT-Training rooms are in Inffeldgasse 10
  • There is a no smoking policy in all buildings (also, restaurants have a no smoking policy in Graz).

Summary of the Keynote presentations:

Speaker Date Time Location Title  
Payam Poorsolhjouy Nov 18 10:30
Room: i8,
Inffeldg. 13
Multiscale modeling of granular materials - Grain scale to continuum  
Manfred Ulz Nov 19 9:45
Room: MBEG220,
Inffeldg. 25b
Atomistic-continuum coupling in computational materials science  
Christoph Kloss Nov 20 12:15
Room: i9,
Inffeldg. 13
Digitalization in R&D  
Johannes Khinast Nov 21 10:45
Room: SZ01070,
Inffeldg. 10
Stefan Pirker Nov 21 12:15
Room: SZ01070,
Inffeldg. 10
Data-based prediction OR physics-based correction  
Denis Schütz Nov 22 15:00
Room: HS i3,
Inffelg. 25D
High and low temperature ring shear testing  


Travel information

Graz has an airport, is integrated into Austria's train & coach network, and is also easy to reach by car. Graz Tourismus offers and overview on how to get to Graz (CLICK HERE)

The ATC venue is a 10 minutes tram ride outside of the city center. There is a 30 minute walk to the city center (i.e., Jakominiplatz & Hauptplatz)

Graz is great for walking and biking. Only for longer distances you may want to take the tram. Note, the tram is FREE in the inner city (main to Jakomini square + 1 Stop, see the "Altstadtbim" sticker and our "About Graz" page). 

A 1 hr. ticket for tram or bus is 2.50€, and can be bought from a bus driver or a ticket machine inside the tram.

Parking: the closest option is to park in the "Grüne Zone" (open-air parking) in Brucknerstraße, and then walk to Inffeldgasse. There is no large GUEST PARKING on the campus (due to heavy reconstruction works). Open-air parking is possible (up to 3 hrs in the "blue" zone; in the "green" zone is cheaper and you can park multiple days for ~7€/day; you can pay at pay machines locally, most of them accept Maestro cards). You can find a map of the parking zones HERE.

Other things to consider:

  • Smoking: almost all resturants have a no-smoking policy, but there are a few bars/restaurants where smoking is allowed. 
  • Tips: Tipping is not expected but appreciated (5 to 10%).
  • Currency: 1 Euro is the official currency. Credit and debit cards are widely accepted, also in taxis.
  • Electricity is supplied at the European standard (220 volts A/C, 50 Hz, two round pin type outlets).
  • Shops are typically open from 07:30 to 19:00 hrs. Monday through Friday, and 07:30 to 18:00 on Saturdays. Only at main station and the airport you will find shops that are open on Sundays (typically 6:00 to 22:00 hrs).
  • Emergency: dial 112, this number works even on cell phones without a SIM card. Calls are answered in German and also in English. Direct numbers are

    • 122 - fire brigade
    • 133 - police
    • 144 - rescue/ambulance

  • Participants should arrange for their personal travel and health insurance. The Organisers will not assume any responsibility whatsoever for damage or injury to persons or property during the congress.


The clostest hotel is the Star Inn hotel. Other hotels in walking distance are ROOMZ and the Best Western (both are near a main road and crossing).

It is also convinient to stay in the city center, as long as you can walk to a tram stop for Tram line number 6.

Vegan and Vegetarian Food Options

THIS IS A WEBSITE that lists vegan, vegetarian or at least a veg-option (click on the filter item on the top left) restaurants/cafes in Graz.