CONQUER: Contrast by quadrupole enhanced relexation

In cooperation with six european scientific sites the Graz University of Technology (Institute for Biomedical Engineering, Institute for Chemistry and Technology of Materials) has got granted a 2.5 million € EU funding for excellent science. Aim of the project is to explore a radically new concept for MR contrast agents which implies huge potential for molecular imaging using magnetic resonance. CONQUER --- --- is a highly interdisciplinary project covering topics from quantum physics over nano-chemistry to biomedical engineering.

The project was submitted to the highly competitive funding resource Future and Emerging Technologies (FETopen): only 24 out of 639 proposals were granted EU wide, a funding rate of merely 3.7%!

Press release

Stefan Spirk,
Hermann Scharfetter,
Andreas Petrovic
(l. to r.)

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Press Release

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