Michael Hofer: Member of the SFB “Mathematical Optimization and Applications in Biomedical Sciences“ - Group MRI

Dynamic contrast enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (DCE-MRI) is an important method for tumor diagnosis and treatment monitoring.

For many applications registration of the dynamic images is needed to compensate physiological and unintentional motion. For DCE-MRI this is a difficult task as contrast media uptake changes the image contrast of the dynamic time series. To get a better quantification of DCE-MRI data, non-rigid image registration independent against contrast changes, especially during the wash-in and wash-out phase, is needed. Therefore, new approaches in the field of image registration are investigated.

Fields of interests: image registration, medical image processing and DCE-MRI


Fig.: Image registration. (a) reference image, (b) template image, (c) result of
registration of image (b) to image (a), (d) Displacement field of the final registration result.

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