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Beitrag in Fachzeitschrift
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Technischer Bericht
Wilfried Gappmair System Demonstrator for Advanced Interference Mitigation Techniques in Satellite Networks: Estimation and Synchronization Aspects TUGRAZonline
Sonstiger Beitrag
Otto Koudelka Der Trend zu CubeSats und Nanosatelliten TUGRAZonline
Otto Koudelka Results of the BRITE Mission TUGRAZonline
Otto Koudelka ESA's OPS-SAT Nanosatellite Mission - A Laboratory in the Sky TUGRAZonline
Otto Koudelka Nanosatelliten für Wissenschafts- und Technologiemissionen TUGRAZonline
Otto Koudelka BRITE Constellation - 2 Years in Orbit TUGRAZonline
Otto Koudelka The OPS-SAT Nanosatellite Mission TUGRAZonline
Otto Koudelka BRITE Constellation - A Case Study TUGRAZonline
Otto Koudelka Nanosatellites: Technical Prospects, Science Potential and other Ongoing Projects TUGRAZonline
Otto Koudelka Results of the BRITE-Austria Mission and OPS-SAT Payload Developments TUGRAZonline
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