In 2017 the Institute of  Industrial Management and Innovation Research and the Institute of Production Science and Management have been merged to establish the Institute of  Innovation and Industrial Management (IIM).

The Institute of Industrial Management and Innovation Research (IBL) was established in 1970 within the faculty of mechanical engineering and business economics at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz).

Hans Hinterhuber was the first head of the IBL institute, followed by Prof. Josef W. Wohinz in 1979, who shaped the institute for 32 years.

In 2005, Prof. Wohinz also assumed the curation of the study program and Institute of Production Science and Management (PSM) which was founded in cooperation with Magna International Inc. at TU Graz. Since 2011 Prof. Christian Ramsauer is the head of the IBL and curator of the PSM.


The IIM is a problem solver in the field of Industrial Management. Their research activities are oriented towards defined focal points arising out of present problems of particular relevance, where they strive for application-oriented research results which are reflected in reports, publications, dissertations and habilitations.

Current research emphasizes especially on innovation in the fields:

  • Maker Movement
  • Agility
  • Ramp-up Management
  • Industry 4.0
  • Product Design
  • Lean Management


In teaching, the main purpose of IIM is to educate Master and Ph.D. engineering students in Business Management.

The teaching topics are focused on selected areas within the scope of the “Graz Model for Industrial Management”. The lectures are offered on a high standard level with regard to subject matter, didactics and organization and include external skilled industry experts who bring experience-based knowledge into the lecture rooms.

In addition, following special initiatives focus on participant-centered learning to enforce the engagement of all participants.

  • FabLab Graz
  • IIM DesignLab
  • IIM LEAD Factory
  • IIM Seminar Room


The offers of IIM in teaching for students are also extended to offers for industrial partners.

Besides the courses on Innovation and Industrial Management for Executive Education, various programs from Product Design to Manufacturing or Operations Management are offered for major enterprises as well as SMEs.

In the fields of research exchange and mission-oriented research, dozens of industry projects have been successfully completed within the last years.

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