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Industry Projects

In all times, the Institute of Innovation and Industrial Management (IIM) maintain contacts to the industry.

We successfully complete dozens of consulting projects every year. Partner companies benefit from the expertise and network of IIM and the extended faculty. A typical industry project at IIM takes up to 6 months and is conduced in a strong cooperation between staff of the institute and the industrial partner company.

In the following, two recently conducted projects are described shortly.

Material flow and layout planning at Alpen-MAYKESTAG GmbH

Dealing with the Alpen- MAYKESTAG production site Sankt Gallen in Upper Styria (Aut), the aim of this project was to design a new production hall on a "green field".

Due to the increasing orders a need for additional production resources arise, which cannot be met with the existing infrastructure.

For this purpose, a detailed actual state analysis was carried out and an unbundling of the internal material flows occurred.

In collaboration with the officials of the company several layout variants have been developed and evaluated. In addition, a simulation of the planned production was created in order to obtain information for detailing the production layout.

Based on the gained data, a concept for the construction of a new production hall was worked out which on the one hand meets all requirements of the company and on the other hand shows optimization potentials in comparison to the existing system.

Project approach © IIM - TU Graz

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Cooperation project on “Production Development” for SFL technologies GmbH

The company SFL technologies GmbH, situated in Stallhofen (AUT), has developed a modern and state-of-the-art electric-driven vehicle called ELI.

ELI can be equipped with a lot of different modular add-ons and therefore serves as a platform for communities or even companies that can use ELI for a multitude of tasks.

Before the beginning of the project several prototypes of ELI have been built mainly based on workbenches production. To scale up the production a joint project was started. The aim was to design the whole assembly line  to meet the future demands of the manufacturing site in Stallhofen. After the process was documented the assembly process was structured and the work load was divided up on single workplaces. For each workplace the necessary work steps and used tools, parts and subassemblies as well as critical steps were defined.

At the same time an optimum layout of the future production site was elaborated. The workplaces were sketched in detail in order to facilitate an easy implementation for SFL and the assembly process and the times were evaluated in a close-to-final-state setup.

Parallel to the development of the assembly line changes in the design of ELI were elaborated together with SFL in order to simplify the assembly process. The gathered ideas were evaluated based on a cost-benefit analysis and a concept was delivered to SFL. It is planned to turn the assembly line together with the IIM Insitute into a show-case factory and to open it up for visitors that can then experience Industry 4.0 in real life factory

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