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“FabLab Graz is breaking new ground by transforming the existing makerspace into a business incubator for startups in the hardware sector. Connecting entrepreneurs with SMEs, established companies, the worldwide FabLab community, motivated students, and other relevant network partners on the campus of a technical university opens new opportunities and is a unique chance for the development of innovative products or companies. FabLab Graz´s vision is to connect all those, who want to make, fabricate, play, and communicate in a single space.”

- Matthias Friessnig, Manager of FabLab Graz

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The FabLab Graz (Fabrication Laboratory) is a high-tech maker space for small-scale digital fabrication. Neil Gershenfeld at the Center for Bits and Atoms of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology set up the first FabLab in 2002. The basic idea is to offer possibilities for individuals to produce own things by providing them access to digital manufacturing tools. At present time the worldwide FabLab community consists of more than 550 labs in 70 nations.

Open to a wide public of inventors, entrepreneurs and creatives, it is a place of teaching and exchange of knowledge as well as anincubator for hardware start-ups.

In the FabLab it is possible to make advantage of modern and easy to use production devices as 3D-printers, 3D-scanners, laser cutters, CNC mills or electronics and material specific workstations for prototyping and small batch size production.

Kindred spirits of all ages meet up in workshops and work together on their ideas, what is stimulating for new ways of thinking. Interdisciplinary connection of know-how, technology and arts within this active and lively community of makers is crucial for innovation in all areas.

Therefore, the FabLab needs to fulfill certain functions if it is to support new ways of thinking. Its spaces have to be highly flexible with various settings of equipment and in the same grade technological with state of the art production equipment and tools.

It also supports the aspects of emotionality, diversity and creative communication by stimulating innovative spirit, international and interdisciplinary contacts and providing a pleasurable atmosphere for all users.

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FabLab Graz in teaching

The Institute for Industrial Management and Innovation Research (IBL)  and the Institute of Production Science and Management (PSM) at Graz University of Technology have a strong focus on teaching practical skills and applying them creatively. Therefore, they encourage especially students to freely invent and prototype - not only in the courses “Product Innovation Project” and “How to Make almost Anything”– but also in other study projects or in their leisure time. Furthermore, hands-on training concepts with active learning by doing experiences will be a fruitful disruption to traditional teaching methods. By providing diverse communities with access to powerful tools of production within shared spaces and actively connecting up the individuals involved and the resources required, a significant boost in their commitment can be expected together with increased opportunities for creating sustainable businesses and new jobs.

FabLab Graz for business

FabLabs are known as a global initiative and allow access to various national markets, what is interesting when developing innovative products.

Major enterprises as well as small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups are invited to call upon the knowledge of FabLab community and work together on technical problems and solutions, using the FabLab as a platform of communication and know-how exchange. Further, employees have the possibility to work part time or in their leisure time in the lab space to develop and fabricate their own ideas and products. This boosts the innovativeness and inter-divisional communication of the company significantly.

In addition to the rental of the FabLab Graz as rapid prototyping workshop for idea testing and product development, the lab can also be used as a shared production facility for small batch size production.

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For more information visit fablab.tugraz.at

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Was ist das FabLab Graz?

Ein FabLab stellt der Öffentlichkeit digitale Fabrikationsgeräte bereit. Weltweite Vernetzung der Nutzer und ein hoher Grad der Designfreiheit sind Basis der Philosophie von FabLabs.

Wer nutzt das FabLab Graz?

Jeder Interessierte hat Zutritt zum FabLab Graz. Zusätzlich besteht auch die Möglichkeit von Lehrveranstaltungs- oder Workshopteilnahmen.

Wem gehören die Innovationen aus FabLabs?

FabLab-Entwicklungen können urheberrechtlich geschützt und vermarktet werden. Dennoch sollten die wissenschaftlichen Errungenschaften der Community zur Information erhalten bleiben.

Mehr Informationen auf fablab.tugraz.at