Abgeschlossene Projekte

Numeric Simulations in Acoustics
Safety of facade fixing
1998_Criteria for the determination of the conservation worthiness of historical windows (part 1)
Investigation of diffusion-open floors against earth
Items for buildings in panel construction way
Facade with woodboards
Acoustic analyses of the disturbance caused by well noise on public inner-city squares
Investigation of a night cooling for the reduction of the space conditioning costs
Building component evaluation of a lightweight roof structure for a cinema complex with TXH qualification, taking aircraft noise into account
LIGNUM light roof
Aufarbeitung von baulichen Forschungsberichten
Thermische FE-Analysen von hochwärmegedämmten porosierten Ziegeln
Entwicklung von interaktiver Lernsoftware für die Bauphysik
Grundprinzipien und bauphysikalische Anforderungen für den Holzbau
Thermische Simulationsberechnungen und Variantenstudien für Doppelfassaden
Systembewertung Mantelbetonbauweise
energy-saving and thermal-protction
2000_Criteria for the determination of the conservation worthiness of historical windows (part 2)
Zellulose-Innendämmung ohne Dampfsp - Zelluloseinnendämmung ohne Dampfsperre
Investigation of different heating wall systems to the TU Graz
Qualification of timber constructions
Ökonomisch-ökologische Optimierung vorgehängter Fassaden - Planungsgrundsätze
Lectures and publications 2001
2001_Entwicklung eines multifunktionalen Schallprüfstandes für vertikale Bauteile
Modulare Massivholzbauweise im Geschossbau
Ökologische Lärmschutzwand aus Holz
Structural Analysis of Plastic Profiles for Windows
Hygro-Thermal Behaviour of Double-skin Facades in Solar Irradiation - Theory Evaluation by Means of On-location Measurements
Pyrometric Investigation of Thermalactive Thin Coatings
2002_Robust Details for social Housing
2003_Develpoment of the Quality Manual and initial type Testing of Panels according to ETAG 009
Development and Application of an Consultancy Model to Promote Sustainable Building Design
Investigations on the Fundamental Suitability of Sprayed-on and Plaster-covered hygrothermic active Cellulose-Compact-Soundabsorber
HF05-017_Ecowall Building-System
Engineering Design Science
2005_Concept for the technical and ecological optimization of the production of a concrete masonry unit
PLANUM-NBS-2015 - Planungsleitlinien zur Umsetzung des Strategiekonzepts - Nachhaltig Bauen und Sanieren in der Steiermark (NBS) 2010/2015
OEKO-ID - Interior insulations to improve thermal efficiency of buildings - feasibilities and limits of ecological and open-diffusion insulation systems
HF10-137_Bauphysikalische Auswirkungen der stofflichen und geometrischen Modifikation eines Wärmedämmverbundsystems
HF11-037_I live Graz - smart people create their smart city
GBS - Glass Building Skins - Transparent self-carrying building skins with the application of the hybrid load-bearing behaviour of glass-steel-structures
DMAII - NE-SON-DEMO - [Original in Deutsch: Machbarkeitsstudie und Vorbereitung des Demonstrationsprojektes Franziskanerkloster Graz]
UNAB - Sustainable Designprocess & Integrated Facades
Powerspot - Thermal bridge optimized punctual mounting system for load-bearing constructions on heat insulated facades
ABS-Network - Aluminium Building Skins - Energy Active Facades Network
metaTGA - Meta data and process modells for open BIM in TGA
green.LAB - Permanent temporary city oasis in urban transformation processes
TGA Holzbau - Expansion of competence for planning and execution of technical building equipment in timber construction
Digital Twin - Use cases for digital building twins

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