On Dec. 6 2018, the ELLIS society was founded in Montréal, Canada. ELLIS is an initiative of European scientists to establish a European Lab for Learning & Intelligent Systems. Prof. Robert Legenstein and Prof. Wolfgang Maass from the Institute of Theoretical Computer Science at Graz University of Technology are founding members of the society.

The comprehensive plan for ELLIS includes the creation of a network to advance breakthroughs in AI, a pan-European PhD program to educate the next generation of AI researchers, and a focal point for industrial engagements to boost economic growth by leveraging AI technologies.

ELLIS will focus on modern AI, which relies heavily on machine learning methods such as deep neural networks that allow computers to learn from data and experience. Machine learning recently made great progress leading to rapid advances in longstanding challenges such as computer vision, speech recognition and machine translation. It will also be an essential technology for self-driving vehicles and advancements in medicine.

A number of European companies have already agreed to support this initiative including Audi, AVL, Bayer, Bosch, DeepMind, Greiner, Porsche, Siemens as well as US companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, NVIDIA, Qualcomm and the Canadian startup Element AI.

For more on ELLIS visit https://ellis-open-letter.eu/


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