NETI: New Electronic Technology Integration

Within the social demand for increased road safety and CO2 reduction, this project focuses on finding new and improved technological solutions for three major subject areas:
  • Vehicle electrics/electronics architecture
  • Advanced driver assistance systems and vehicle control systems
  • Simulations
This includes a novel concept of design methods for future requirements on networked technologies as well as fundamental approaches for the integration of advanced driver assistance systems. In the course of the project the Institute of Geodesy develops an automotive indoor positioning system for the position determination of vehicles within parking garages and underground parking lots. The system consists of Bluetooth Low Energy location fingerprinting, the vehicle’s velocity and yaw rate (obtained via the CAN bus) as well as building layout information. Using various filtering techniques, the different observation groups are combined and evaluated. Further investigations include seamless outdoor-indoor-positioning and the adaption to an outdoor positioning system by replacing fingerprinting with GNSS single point positioning.


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This project was funded by the Austrian Promotion Agency (FFG) within the programme line “COMPETENCE HEADQUARTER”.


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