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Nanosized Metal Clusters

Reprograming and improving of an evaporation cell control software in Python

In the Cluster Lab III at the Institute of Experimental Physics metal clusters with diameters of only a few nanometers are produced by doping metal atoms into cold, superfluid helium droplets (HeN). This process requires the use of two resistively heated evaporation cells built with alumina oxide coated tungsten baskets. The power supplies for those cells are controlled via a Matlab program including a GUI.
The goal for this thesis project is to reprogram the control software in a Python environment and also to further extend its functionality. This includes the analysis of the current Matlab script and its translation into Python, the establishment of a working interface with the power supplies, and the creation of a well arranged graphical user interface.
Applicants should have programing experience and profound knowledge about Python. If desired office space will be available at the institute. For the bigger part of the project working from home office is possible.

Alexander Schiffmann
Institute of Experimental Physics
Petersgasse 16, 8010 Graz
PHEG 050
+43 316 873 8167

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