Werner Alexander Isop

Werner Alexander Isop graduated from CUAS (Carinthia University of Applied Sciences) as BSc in the field of Systems Engineering in 2012 and as MSc in the field of Systems Design in 2014 with highest distinction. During his study he was able to gain professional experience in these fields at companies like Infineon Technologies and Siemens. He further participated as member of the CUAS-RRR team at the RoboCup Rescue League (RoboCup German Open) in 2013 and 2014 in Magdeburg where his team scored both times a 3rd place. As part of the RoboCup Rescue competitions he designed and implemented the Robot Control System (RCS) and the Robot Remote User Interface for the first tracked CUAS rescue robot called "RUDI" (Robot for Urban Desaster Intervention). Based on this work, he was able to publish the results at the ESE Congress 2013 in Sindelfingen (Germany). As part of company collaboration in the field of robotics and control, he was further able to present results of his Master Thesis at the MATLAB Expo 2015 in Munich (Germany).

He is currently a PhD student at the Institute of Computer Graphics and Vision, Graz University of Technology, Austria under supervision of Prof. Dr. Dieter Schmalstieg. His research is focused on mobile robotics, interaction and visualization.

Selected Publications

A list of my publications at the Institute for Computer Graphics and Vision can be also found in the PURE system of the Graz University of Technology.

Conference Publications:

Poster Sessions:

  • W. A. Isop, "Design eines Punktmassenmodell-basierenden Computed Torque Reglers für ein 3-achsiges Kameraschwenksystem," Matlab Expo 2015, May 2015, Munich, Germany
Werner Alexander
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