Student Projects

The following list gives an overview of currently open student projects at ICG!


b ... Bachelor Thesis
p ... Seminar / Master Project
m ... Master Thesis

Evaluation of the Deep Learning Tool Kit (DLTK) for Medical Images b/p/m Schmalstieg Jan Egger
Human Body Pose Estimation b/p Bischof Horst Possegger
2D/3D Medical Image Analysis b/p/m Schmalstieg Jan Egger
2D Simulation of 3D Shading b Schmalstieg Philipp Grasmug
3D Scanning & Relighting b Schmalstieg Philipp Grasmug
Face Augmentation b Schmalstieg Philipp Grasmug
Augmented Reality Fashion Try-On b Schmalstieg Philipp Grasmug
Mobile Image Segmentation b Schmalstieg Philipp Grasmug
Hands4Unity: Integration of Hand Pose
Estimation into Unity


Markus Oberweger
Evaluation of Object Reconstruction Approach b/p Lepetit Markus Oberweger
2D/3D Medical Image Analysis with Deep Learning b/p/m Schmalstieg Jan Egger
Augmented Reality System for Oral and Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery b/p/m Schmalstieg Jan Egger
Dictionary Learning for MRI denoising and Accelerated MRI Reconstruction b Pock Kerstin Hammernik
Implementing similarity measures
for CNN training in Tensorflow
b Pock Kerstin Hammernik
Prism Classification for Robotic Total Stations b Schmalstieg Christoph Klug
Real-Time Face Segmentation from RGB Input p Schmalstieg Denis Kalkofen
Model-based Initialization of a SLAM System p Schmalstieg Peter Mohr
Van-Goghify your Images b Pock Teresa Klatzer
Curve Intersection Testbench b Schmalstieg Mark Dokter
Mobile All-in-One Display Cluster Calibration b Schmalstieg Bernhard Kerbl
Research and Development in the Healthcare Industry b/p/m Schmalstieg Jan Egger
Implementing learnable Activation Functions in Google’s Tensorflow b/p Pock Erich Kobler
3D-Printed Implants for Neurosurgery b/p/m
Schmalstieg Jan Egger
Simplified CAD Model Generation of Powerpylon from 3D Reconstruction m Fraundorfer Jesús Pestana Puerta
Evaluation Of Indoor Mapping Performance On A Small Sized Aerial Vehicle p/m Schmalstieg Werner Alexander Isop
PSO-Based Path Planner For Indoor Navigation Of A Small Sized Aerial Vehicle p/m Schmalstieg Werner Alexander Isop
Representing Space-Time Volumes of Interest m Pinz Axel Pinz
Active Vision – Representations & Actions m Pinz Axel Pinz
Surface Acquisition 3D Geometry + Radiometry p Pinz Axel Pinz
Seeing the Invisible with Laser Speckles p Pinz Christoph Feichtenhofer
Predicting the Future in Video p Pinz Christoph Feichtenhofer
Instance Segmentation for Autonomous Driving p Pinz Christoph Feichtenhofer
Inverse Kinematics for VR b/p/m Schmalstieg Jörg Müller
Smartphone App Interface for Autonomous Drone for Civilian Applications b/m Fraundorfer Jesús Pestana Puerta
Realtime Obstacle Detection for Visually Impaired People m Fraundorfer David Schinagl
Exploring Regularizers for Photoacousic
Image Reconstruction
p/m Pock Kerstin Hammernik
Bilevel Learning for Arterial Spin Labeling m Pock Kerstin Hammernik
Image Restoration using a CNN as Regularization p/m Pock Teresa Klatzer
Robust Monocular Visual Odometry p/m Pock Gottfried Munda
CNN-based Object Detection on a
p/m Pock Patrick Knöbelreiter
Deep Deep Matching m Pock Christoph Vogel
The Variational Autoencoder for Motion Estimation m Pock Christoph Vogel
Hand Gesture Recognition p Bischof Georg Poier
Nano-Particle Tracking p/m Bischof Horst Possegger
LiDAR Point Cloud Tooling supporting Metrology m Bischof Matthias Rüther
Automatisiertes Laden von Elektro- und
m Bischof Matthias Rüther
Multi-Camera Annotation Tool p Lepetit Markus Oberweger
Separating Shape and Pose for Hands p/m Lepetit Markus Oberweger
Next Chess Move b/p Lepetit Mahdi Rad
Farsi Character Recognition b/p Lepetit Mahdi Rad
Validation of a glottis segmentation approach b Bischof Martin Urschler

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