Student Projects


Augmented Reality System for Oral and Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgeryb/p/m SchmalstiegJan Egger
3D-Printed Implants for Neurosurgery b/p/m
SchmalstiegJan Egger
2D/3D Medical Image Analysis with Deep Learning b/p/m SchmalstiegJan Egger
Simplified CAD Model Generation of Powerpylon from 3D Reconstruction mFraundorferJesús Pestana Puerta
Evaluation Of Indoor Mapping Performance On A Small Sized Aerial Vehiclep/mSchmalstiegWerner Alexander Isop
PSO-Based Path Planner For Indoor Navigation Of A Small Sized Aerial Vehiclep/mSchmalstiegWerner Alexander Isop
Representing Space-Time Volumes of InterestmPinzAxel Pinz
Active Vision – Representations & ActionsmPinzAxel Pinz
Surface Acquisition 3D Geometry + RadiometrypPinzAxel Pinz
Seeing the Invisible with Laser SpecklespPinzChristoph Feichtenhofer
Predicting the Future in VideopPinzChristoph Feichtenhofer
Instance Segmentation for Autonomous DrivingpPinzChristoph Feichtenhofer
Inverse Kinematics for VR b/p/m Schmalstieg Jörg Müller
Smartphone App Interface for Autonomous Drone for Civilian Applications b/mFraundorferJesús Pestana Puerta
Evaluation of Object Reconstruction Approachb/pLepetitMarkus Oberweger
Learning Lipreading for BiometricsmLepetitPeter M. Roth
Deep Learning for Visual TrackingmLepetitPeter M. Roth
Realtime Obstacle Detection for Visually Impaired People mFraundorfer David Schinagl
Exploring Regularizers for Photoacousic
Image Reconstruction
p/mPockKerstin Hammernik
Bilevel Learning for Arterial Spin LabelingmPockKerstin Hammernik
Van-Goghify your Images / Videop/mPockTeresa Klatzer
Image Restoration using a CNN as Regularizationp/mPockTeresa Klatzer
Real-Time Stereo on a Smartphonep/mPockChristian Reinbacher
Robust Monocular Visual Odometryp/mPockGottfried Munda
CNN-based Object Detection on a
p/mPockPatrick Knöbelreiter
Deep Deep MatchingmPockChristoph Vogel
The Variational Autoencoder for Motion EstimationmPockChristoph Vogel
Hand Gesture RecognitionpBischofGeorg Poier
Nano-Particle Trackingp/mBischofHorst Possegger
LiDAR Point Cloud Tooling supporting MetrologymBischofMatthias Rüther
Automatisiertes Laden von Elektro- und
mBischofMatthias Rüther
Hands4Unity: Integration of Hand Pose
Estimation into Unity


Markus Oberweger
Multi-Camera Annotation ToolpLepetitMarkus Oberweger
Separating Shape and Pose for Handsp/mLepetitMarkus Oberweger
Input Modalities and Data Augmentation
for Hand Pose Estimation
bLepetitMarkus Oberweger
Next Chess Moveb/pLepetitMahdi Rad
Farsi Character Recognitionb/pLepetitMahdi Rad
Validation of a glottis segmentation approachbBischofMartin Urschler



b ... Bachelor's Thesis
p ... Seminar / Master's Project
m ... Master's Thesis


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