Project Oriented Courses

The Institute for Computer Graphics and Vision presents top relevant and up-to-date topics for project oriented courses. Students are offered the opportunity to work on the latest research questions, get in touch with researchers at the Institute and produce relevant results that don't just end up in a drawer.

Course Units and Dates for Summer Term 2017

  • Course Units (compulsory), Place and Date:
    • 15.03.2017 (16:00 - 18:00), ICG Seminarroom (IE02082):
      Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten (Scientific Working, slides)
    • 26.04.2017 (16:00 - 18:00), ICG Seminarroom (IE02082):
      Präsentationstechniken 1 (Presentation Techniques I)
    • 08.05.2017 (10:00 - 12:00), ICG Seminarroom (IE02082):
      Präsentationstechniken 2 (Presentation Techniques II),
      Powerpoint Template (optional) Official TU Graz Templates Latex Templates
  • Final Presentation and Certificates
    • Beginning of semester: 06.03.2017 (17:00 -19:00) at the ICG Seminarroom (IE02082).
    • End of semester: 19.06.2017 (12:00 -19:00) and 23.06.2017 (15:00 - 18:00) at the ICG Seminarroom (IE02082).
    • The presentation has to be coordinated with your project supervisor.
      Duration is supposed to be 15 minutes for the talk, plus 5 minutes for questions and answers.
    • When your supervisor agrees you can give your presentation you have to register by sending an e-mail to Peter M. Roth, including the title of your talk, the field (vision/graphics/AR), and the name of your supervisor.
    • Projects have to be registered by the student online. Please note, that the system is sensitive to special characters! Upon registration, an Email containing the submission key is automatically sent to the student and the advisor.
    • After giving the presentation, all the material created during the project has to be submitted using the submission key contained in the email.
    • It is the advisor's responsibility to issue the final certificate only if all the material has been uploaded! The following files are mandatory deliverables:
      • Report: PDF of the bachelor thesis, project report or master thesis
      • Slides: Final presentation (Powerpoint PPT or PPTX, other file formats are NOT acceptable)
      • Data: ZIP file (file size limite: 256MB) with source code of implementation and of the report (Latex or Word).
    • The entire list of projects and reports is accessible to ICG member only.


Project oriented courses

The following is a list of courses in which a project is a part of the assignment. Which of them to register for depends on the project and your studies/curriculum. All courses are held in both winter and summer term. If you cannot register at the time you start your project, please contact Peter M. Roth!

Note: For older curricula please refer to respective equivalence lists.

  • 710.009 Telematik-Projekt
  • 710.109 Telematik-Seminar
  • 710.114 Informatik-Seminar und Bakk.-Arbeit A
  • 710.115 Informatik-Projekt und Bakk.-Arbeit B
  • 710.401 Software-Seminar und Bakk.-Arbeit A
  • 710.402 Software-Projekt und Bakk.-Arbeit B


If you are interested in one of the topics please contact the respective supervisor or Peter M. Roth!

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