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Sensen Team

Research Goals

Christoph W. Sensen is mainly interested in research topics related to Genome Research and Bioinformatics. Having worked previously in Canada, his group has participated in many large-scale Genome Projects, including recently an Oil Sands Metagenomics Research Program and the PhytoMetaSyn Program, which is related to the study of the Expressed Genes in 75 higher plants.

The Computational Biotechnology group began work in Graz in September 2014. By the end of 2015, all of the Computer Equipment will have been relocated from Calgary, Canada to Graz. The hardware and software environment currently being configured will be one of the most powerful Bioinformatics facilities in Austria.

The Computational Biotechnology Group is conducting research, especially related to the identification of serum-based DNA markers for chronic diseases and the development of rapid and cost-effective screening systems for the presence of particular DNA Sequences in the environment, and is also providing services related to high-throughput Bioinformatics analyses.

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Current Projects

  • DNA-based markers identified from Circulating Nucleic Acids (CNA)

    When animals get infected with diseases like Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy or Bovine Respiratory disease, they start to release exosomes which contain specific DNA molecules into the blood stream. This specific process already starts at early stages of the disease, which makes it a promising candidate for the detection of the disease before any clinical sign could be observed.

    Currently, the diagnostics and monitoring of chronic and infectious diseases in animals and humans is mainly based on the identification of an infective agent. This approach is slowly changing towards the measurement of the reaction of the host to the disease challenge. A new approach is the identification of DNA markers in the serum of diseased production animals (as well as humans), which can be used for the early identification of disease states, ideally before clinical signs emerge.

    This research project is focused on industrial biotechnology enabling (a) the diagnostic of diseases in mammalian systems and (b) developing DNA screening devices for the rapid monitoring of the presence of specific DNA sequences in liquids, especially blood serum, to be used in animal production processes.

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Current Theses

Maximilian Malek
PhD Thesis
Working title: Generating intermediate MRI datasets with applications in vehicle safety

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Industrial collaborations

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Selected Publications

Tomislav Cernava, Ines Aschenbrenner, Jung Soh, Christoph Wilhelm Sensen, Martin Grube and Gabriele Berg Plasticity of a holobiont: desiccation induces fasting-like metabolism within the lichen microbiota Show publication in PURE
Maximilian Malek and Christoph W Sensen Instant Feedback Rapid Prototyping for GPU-Accelerated Computation, Manipulation, and Visualization of Multidimensional Data Show publication in PURE
B Burja, T Kuret, S Sodin-Semrl, K Lakota, Ž Rotar, R Ješe, K Mrak-Poljšak, P Žigon, G G Thallinger, J Feichtinger, S Čučnik, M Tomšič, S Praprotnik and A Hočevar A concise review of significantly modified serological biomarkers in giant cell arteritis, as detected by different methods Show publication in PURE
Holly Stolterfoht, Daniel Schwendenwein, Christoph Wilhelm Sensen, Florian Rudroff and Margit Winkler Four distinct types of E.C. enzymes can catalyze the reduction of carboxylic acids to aldehydes Show publication in PURE
Fauziah F Rochman, Andriy Sheremet, Ivica Tamas, Alireza Saidi-Mehrabad, Joong-Jae Kim, Xiaoli Dong, Christoph W Sensen, Lisa M Gieg and Peter F Dunfield Benzene and Naphthalene Degrading Bacterial Communities in an Oil Sands Tailings Pond Show publication in PURE
Ingeborg Klymiuk, Ceren Bilgilier, Alexander Stadlmann, Jakob Thannesberger, Marie-Theres Kastner, Christoph Högenauer, Andreas Püspök, Susanne Biowski-Frotz, Christiane Schrutka-Kölbl, Gerhard G Thallinger and Christoph Steininger The Human Gastric Microbiome Is Predicated upon Infection with Helicobacter pylori Show publication in PURE
Thomas Vogl, Lukas Sturmberger, Pia C Fauland, Patrick Hyden, Jasmin Elgin Fischer, Christian Schmid, Gerhard G Thallinger, Martina Geier and Anton Glieder Methanol independent induction in Pichia pastoris by simple derepressed overexpression of single transcription factors Show publication in PURE
Christoph Bueschl, Bernhard Kluger, Nora K N Neumann, Maria Doppler, Valentina Maschietto, Gerhard G Thallinger, Jacqueline Meng-Reiterer, Rudolf Krska and Rainer Schuhmacher MetExtract II Show publication in PURE
Bettina Halwachs, Nandhitha Madhusudhan, Robert Krause, R Henrik Nilsson, Christine Moissl-Eichinger, Christoph Högenauer, Gerhard G Thallinger and Gregor Gorkiewicz Critical Issues in Mycobiota Analysis Show publication in PURE
Jung Soh and Christoph Wilhelm Sensen Unravelling the Bauplan of life: The DNA sequencing revolutionMighty Microbes218 Show publication in PURE
Elisa Lanfranchi, Tea Pavkov-Keller, Eva-Maria Koehler, Matthias Diepold, Kerstin Steiner, Barbara Darnhofer, Jürgen Hartler, Tom Van Den Bergh, Henk-Jan Joosten, Mandana Gruber-Khadjawi, Gerhard G Thallinger, Ruth Birner-Gruenberger, Karl Gruber, Margit Winkler and Anton Glieder Erratum Show publication in PURE
Josch K Pauling, Martin Hermansson, Jürgen Hartler, Klaus Christiansen, Sandra F Gallego, Bing Peng, Robert Ahrends and Christer S Ejsing Proposal for a common nomenclature for fragment ions in mass spectra of lipids Show publication in PURE
Martin Trötzmüller, Alexander Triebl, Amra Ajsic, Jürgen Hartler, Harald Köfeler and Werner Regittnig Determination of the Isotopic Enrichment of 13C- and 2H-Labeled Tracers of Glucose Using High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry Show publication in PURE
Jürgen Hartler, Alexander Triebl, Andreas Ziegl, Martin Trötzmüller, Gerald N Rechberger, Oana Alina Zeleznik, Kathrin A Zierler, Federico Torta, Amaury Cazenave-Gassiot, Markus R Wenk, Alexander Fauland, Craig E Wheelock, Aaron M Armando, Oswald Quehenberger, Qifeng Zhang, Michael JO Wakelam, Guenter Haemmerle, Friedrich Spener, Harald C Köfeler and Gerhard G Thallinger Deciphering lipid structures based on platform-independent decision rules Show publication in PURE
Alexander J A Deutsch, Beate Rinner, Martin Pichler, Katharina Prochazka, Katrin Pansy, Marco Bischof, Karoline Fechter, Stefan Hatzl, Julia Feichtinger, Kerstin Wenzl, Marie-Therese Frisch, Verena Stiegelbauer, Andreas Prokesch, Anne Krogsdam, Heinz Sill, Gerhard G Thallinger, Hildegard T Greinix, Chenguang Wang, Christine Beham-Schmid and Peter Neumeister NR4A3 Suppresses Lymphomagenesis through Induction of Proapoptotic Genes Show publication in PURE
Elisa Lanfranchi, Tea Pavkov-Keller, Eva-Maria Koehler, Matthias Diepold, Kerstin Steiner, Barbara Darnhofer, Jürgen Hartler, Tom Van Den Bergh, Henk Jan Joosten, Mandana Gruber-Khadjawi, Gerhard Thallinger, Ruth Birner-Gruenberger, Karl Gruber, Margit Winkler and Anton Glieder Enzyme discovery beyond homology: a unique hydroxynitrile lyase in the Bet v1 superfamily Show publication in PURE
Alexander Triebl, M. Trötzmüller, Jürgen Hartler, Tatjana Stojakovic and Harald C. Köfeler Lipidomics by ultrahigh performance liquid chromatography-high resolution mass spectrometry and its application to complex biological samples Show publication in PURE
Alexander Triebl, Jürgen Hartler, M. Trötzmüller and Harald C. Köfeler Lipidomics: Prospects from a technological perspective Show publication in PURE
Bernd Nidetzky and Christoph W Sensen Special Issue on acib, Dedicated to the Occasion of Prof. Dr. Helmut Schwab's 65th Birthday Show publication in PURE
Martin Grube, Tomislav Cernava, J. Soh, S. Fuchs, Ines Aschenbrenner, C. Lassek, U Wegener, K Riedel, Christoph Wilhelm Sensen and Gabriele Berg Exploring functional contexts of symbiotic sustain within lichen-associated bacteria by comparative omics Show publication in PURE

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Team Leader

Christoph Wilhelm Sensen
Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Biol. Dr.rer.nat.

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For more information visit our team website CBT.