Research Goals

Julia Feichtinger's research focus lies on the large-scale analyses of transcriptomics and (epi)genomics data, in particular relating to long non-coding RNAs.

Exploiting the large amount of available sequencing data enables us to construct a comprehensive picture of gene expression patterns across tissues, diseases and cell types and, therefore, will help us to better understand the underlying mechanisms of gene expression regulation and its dysregulation in diseases.

Advances in this field will greatly promote molecular biology and clinical/biomedical research. Furthermore, we support biologists with biostatistics and bioinformatics analyses.

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Current Projects

  • FWF Project T 923-B26 - Antisense and Allele-specific Transcription in Human Cancer
    January 2018 - June 2021

    We are investigating two widespread transcriptional phenomena, antisense and allele-specific transcription, in a large-scale study. Antisense transcripts are at least partially complementary to a corresponding (mainly protein-coding) sense transcript and can have diverse functional roles in gene regulation (e.g., modifying epigenetic marks). This genomic arrangement also clearly suggests that antisense transcripts are mainly involved in allele-specific gene regulation/silencing. We aim to construct a comprehensive picture of these processes in a large panel of cancer samples and healthy controls by making use of the current wealth of transcriptomics and (epi)genomics data provided in the constantly growing public repositories. This will not only lead to new insights into gene regulation and provide new diagnostic/prognostic marker and drug target candidates for clinical applications but could also change the paradigm on how we conduct gene expression analyses in the future.

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Current Theses

I am currently looking for master students! Have a look if you are interested - more details here.

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Completed Theses

MSc Theses

  • Raphael Hablesreiter: Establishment of an Analysis Pipeline for Public Cancer Gene Expression Sequencing Datasets


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Selected Publications

B Burja, T Kuret, S Sodin-Semrl, K Lakota, Ž Rotar, R Ješe, K Mrak-Poljšak, P Žigon, G G Thallinger, J Feichtinger, S Čučnik, M Tomšič, S Praprotnik and A Hočevar A concise review of significantly modified serological biomarkers in giant cell arteritis, as detected by different methods Show publication in PURE
Julia Feichtinger, Christoph Fischer, Inmaculada Hernandez, Heena Dhiman, Nicole Borth and Gerhard Thallinger Comprehensive Analysis of Genomic Data for 16 CHO Cell Lines to Investigate the (In)stability of the CHO Genome Show publication in PURE
Alexander J A Deutsch, Beate Rinner, Martin Pichler, Katharina Prochazka, Katrin Pansy, Marco Bischof, Karoline Fechter, Stefan Hatzl, Julia Feichtinger, Kerstin Wenzl, Marie-Therese Frisch, Verena Stiegelbauer, Andreas Prokesch, Anne Krogsdam, Heinz Sill, Gerhard G Thallinger, Hildegard T Greinix, Chenguang Wang, Christine Beham-Schmid and Peter Neumeister NR4A3 Suppresses Lymphomagenesis through Induction of Proapoptotic Genes Show publication in PURE

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Team Leader

Julia Feichtinger
Dipl.-Ing. MSc PhD

Julia Feichtinger