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    The Institute for Architecture and Landscape (ia&l) deals with the future processes and consequences of tangible transformation of the environment in terms of ecology, energy and also society itself. Apart from the challenges to be overcome, this future scenario harbors the unique potential for a creative approach to the corresponding area of action, aimed at developing a new „cultural ecology.''

  • INTEGRAL LANDSCAPES - Palmas Design report has reached our shelves!

    The Integral Landscape Project of Palmas, Brazil, acts as transformative base for a thriving future to unfold - for future urban development and identity of entire city and its people.
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    With increasing speed and intensity, we are occupying and changing the habitats our planet provides. Not only the cities, which are expected to be the dominant habitat of the 21st century, will comprehensively change the environment surrounding us, both man-made and natural, but also climate change and its interplay with an immense need for renewable energy.

    Foto: © TU Graz / Lunghammer


    This „ecological turn“ holds the unique potential to initiate a fundamental reexamination of the relationship between mankind and the environment. In this possible future, „civilization” and „nature“ no longer represent a dialectical antithesis with seemingly incompatible conflicts of interest. Nature and landscape, their ecology and dynamics can increasingly become an integral part of our social ambitions and decisions.