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Johann Harer and Christian Baumgartner Anforderungen an Medizinprodukte Publikation in PURE anzeigen
Peter Schier, Michael Handler, Lejo Johnson Chacko, Anneliese Schrott-Fischer, Karl Fritscher, Rami Saba, Christian Baumgartner and Daniel Baumgarten Model-based vestibular afferent stimulation: Evaluating selective electrode locations and stimulation waveform shapes Publikation in PURE anzeigen
Katharina Maria Bergmoser, Sonja Langthaler, Alexander Lassnig, Martin Horn and Christian Baumgartner Estimating cardiac intensive care patients’ responsiveness to late conservative fluid management using systems analysis IFMBE Proceedings 635-638 Publikation in PURE anzeigen
Sonja Langthaler, Katharina Maria Bergmoser, Alexander Lassnig and Christian Baumgartner Temperature-induced modulation of voltage-gated ion channels in human lung cancer cell line A549 using automated patch clamp technology IFMBE Proceedings 669-673 Publikation in PURE anzeigen
Eva Gleichweit, Christian Baumgartner, Reinhard Diethardt, Alexander Muhrer, Werner Sallegger, Dietmar Werkl and Stefan Köstler UV/Ozone Surface Treatment for Bonding of Elastomeric COCbased Microfluidic Devices Publikation in PURE anzeigen
Christian Baumgartner, Alexander Lassnig and Niels Buchhold A new optical, adaptable, high-resolution 3-axis sensor for medical device navigation Publikation in PURE anzeigen
Friedrich Hanser, Bernhard Pfeifer, Christian Baumgartner and Daniel Baumgarten A computer model for individual patient parametrizing of ventricular tachycardia termination algorithms Publikation in PURE anzeigen
Gerald Cuder and Christian Baumgartner A data mining strategy for the search and classification of gene expression data in cancer ÖGBMT Proceedings 2018 Publikation in PURE anzeigen
Jörg Schröttner and Christian Baumgartner Die Benannte Stelle - Notified BodyAnforderungen an Medizinprodukte433-448 Publikation in PURE anzeigen
Lucas Pflanzl-Knizacek, Katharina Maria Bergmoser, Karin Mattersdorfer, Gernot Schilcher and Christian Baumgartner Development of a Clinical Decision Support System in Intensive CareStudies in Health Technology and Informatics247-254 Publikation in PURE anzeigen
Robert Neubauer, Jörg Schröttner and Christian Baumgartner Sicherheitstechnische AnforderungenAnforderungen an Medizinprodukte151-170 Publikation in PURE anzeigen
Katharina Maria Bergmoser, Lucas Pflanzl-Knizacek, Matthias Hafner, Gernot Schilcher and Christian Baumgartner Improving Fluid Management in Critical Care – Towards the ICU of the FutureStudies in Health Technology and Informatics47-54 Publikation in PURE anzeigen

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