3D Elemental mapping in the ESEM

In 2011 the FELMI-ZFE was pioneer in combining SBFSEM (serial block-face scanning electron microscopy, 3View) and EDXS (energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy). For this purpose a short time cooperation between an EDXS-company and the institute enabled first results (see the image). Since that time the EDXS-system on the microscope Quanta 600 was to week to realise further results. However, the advent of a new EDXS-system (SDD detector by Noran) will bring back the opportunity to combine these techniques. This is important, since it is questioned by science and industry.


  • Testing the new EDXS-system
  • Combining the techniques using a supporting program like „AutoIt“
  • Implementing the the data acquisition into Digital Micrograph (dm) and controlling the process by dm
  • First results with aluminium and a sample of soil

Addressed to Master students from the following fields:

Technical Physics
Advanced Materials Science

Start: spring 2019

Dr. Armin Zankel
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Armin Zankel
Steyrergasse 17/III
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Phone: +43 (0) 316 873 8832
E-Mail: armin.zankelnoSpam@felmi-zfe.at

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