Sensor Systems for Particle Emissions in Harsh Environment

PhD Student: Martin Kupper

Supervisor: Alexander Bergmann

Research Area: xy

The aim of this PhD Thesis is on one hand to give an overview about the different measurement methods regarding particle concentrations in harsh environment and on the other hand to generate a deeper understanding for selected methods. The label “harsh environment” refers to the surrounding of the measured particles (e.g. high/low temperatures, high particle densities, high flow rates etc.) and shall not focus the work on measuring principles for automotive applications.

For the main part of the studied methods the work should restrain on a theoretical examination of their functionality and evaluation of the range of use. Selected measurement methods shall be examined in detail, involving design and buildup of one or more functional vehicles and an experimental characterization. With the findings an extensive theoretical description of the functionality, the range of use and especially of the physical principles should be created which shall exceed current state of research.

Depending on the progress of the research, enhancements of the examined measurement principles and/or methods can be proposed respectively performed. Here the focus shall also be on the physical principals and their description within physical theories.


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