Time and Space Resolved Characterization of Nanoparticles

PhD Student: Georg Brunnhofer

Supervisor: Alexander Bergmann

Research Area: xy

The dissertation aims to realize and validate a multi-physical sensorsystem to characterize nano particles with respect to particle density, particle size, particle velocity and particle wettability. This characterization is targeted to be performed in a time scale < 1s in real time.

This includes:

  • simulating, realizing and optimizing a laser optical setup for in-situ detection of the holographic image of the dispersing phase,
  • identifying evaluation algorithms (e.g.: Find Circle/Elliptic Algorithm, Computer Vision Algorithm, Velocity Determination, ...), developing (further) and implementing in e.g.: MATLAB/LabVIEW and assessing systematically,
  • implementing these algorithms into real time sensorsystems (e.g.: NI cRIO Hardware Platform) for the detection of particle density, particle size, particle velocity and wettability,
  • validating the sensor system using model aerosols such as soot, NaCl, DOPS and referencing equipment like Condensed Particle Counter, Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer (SMPS), static light- or X-ray scattering.


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