COVID-19 Infection Data Visualization

We are investigating the time-series data of reported COVID-19 infections in Austria as published by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Health.

Diseased per District - Timelapse

Of particular interest is a visualization of the infection distribution over time. The following timelapse video shows the temporal development of current number of diseased people per district:

Temporal Development of COVID-19 Diseased per District in Austria, 25.03 - 06.10.2020 (click to enlarge)

Probabilistic Infection Flow

We have applied a probabilistic infection model to the data of new infections per day and per district in Austria, based on an estimated probability distribution of incubation times [1] (between 1 and 21 days). This simplified model only considers mobility between neighbouring districts. The following map shows the relative likelihoods of infection sources as arrows between neighbouring districts.

Estimated Probability Distributions of Infection Sources per District in Austria, 25.03. - 21.09.2020 (click to enlarge)

A thicker arrow indicates a higher probability of the district at the shaft of an arrow being the source of an infection at the arrowhead. Probabilities of infection sources stemming from the own district are indicated by the size of circles in the center of a district.

[1] Li et al., Early Transmission Dynamics in Wuhan, China, of Novel Coronavirus-Infected Pneumonia. The New England Jounral of Medicine.

Visualizations last updated on 24.09.2020.
Data source: Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection Austria.
Data collected and provided by the Complexity Science Hub Vienna.


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