Static simulation models are currently used for the optimization in the chemical industry. Chemical processes are, however, always subject to a certain parameter variation and dynamics. Consequently, changes in the process are often included too late. Therefore, a new approach is required by which the real time optimization of a process can be exactly predestined. This is particularly complex since pressure, temperature and composition of the flows are grasped in real time and from these the exact plant parameters must be determined for an optimization at the same time. Such an optimization is not possible using mathematical models because thousands of parameters would have to be computed in real-time. Furthermore, the result of such a mathematical optimization would be questionable. Hence, a real-time optimization for systems comprising hundreds of individual chemical components should exclusively be based on physical models using rigorous thermodynamics.

The goal of the project is the development of an approach for predestination and simultaneous optimization of control parameters for production in the chemical industry. This is tackled by the development of a stationary and dynamic real-time simulation model, which is to be integrated in the production process.

Involved Organizations

  • Prozess Optimal CAP GmbH


Financial support by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)  is gratefully acknowledged.

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