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Oxygen carrier development for hydrogen production with chemical looping.

The objective of this thesis is the development and in detail characterization of oxygen carrier materials for fixed bed chemical looping hydrogen production. The influence of the preparation methods and material modifications on oxygen carrier redox stability and reactivity is investigated.

Chemical synthesis methods like impregnation or precipitation are employed and compared to mechanical mixing of metal oxide powders. Pore formers, additives and different temperature treatments are applied in order to understand structural modifications on the performance,. Furthermore, the characteristics of different support material types and structures are investigated. The influence of different metal oxides as support material, the support material share and the impact of a varying support structure from particles to a continuous foam is examined. Selected synthesis methods are upscaled and the performance of larger scale oxygen carrier pellet cyclisation in a fixed bed are evaluated. During all experimental parts comprehensive material analysis (XRD, SEM, BET and pellet crushing strength) is employed to understand the influences on the oxygen carrier material.

Small-Scale Characterization
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  • Hydrogen production
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