Prof. Takuto Araki, Yokohama

“The flow configuration, the diffusivity and the thermal conductivity of the GDL influence the mass and heat transport in a PEFC essentially.”

Prof. Angelo Basile, Rende

“Dense and Pd-supported membranes combined with a reformer unify hydrogen production and purification in one single device.”

Prof. Bernd Eichberger, Graz

“Impedance Spectroscopy is a non-invasive method for analysing frequency dependent phenomena of fuel cells.”

Prof. Bernhard Gollas, Graz

„Electrochemistry provides the fundamentals for the development of mobile energy storage and conversion systems.”

Prof. Viktor Hacker, Graz

“Better understanding of degradation mechanisms in PEFC enables further lifetime improvement.”

Prof. Boniface Kokoh, Poitiers

“The main kinetic parameters of the ORR are assessed by the application of Butler-Volmer and Koutecky-Levich equations.”

Prof. Yoshiyuki Kuroda, Yokohama

Green hydrogen could keep our environment compared to fossil fuels by two orders of magnitude cleaner.”

Prof. Shigenori Mitsushima, Yokohama

“Exact electrochemical measurements are the basis to determine performance related parameters.”

Dr. Teko Napporn, Poitiers

“Efficient electrode materials synthesized by various methods might lead to a significant decrease of noble metal loadings.”

Prof. Ken-ichiro Ota, Yokohama

„Hydrogen will be an essential ingredient in an energy economy with low environmental impact.”

Dr. Uwe Reimer, Jülich

“Modeling is a key to understanding the fundamental processes from electrode to stack and system level.”

Gaetano Squadrito, Messina

“Standardised procedures for lab-scale MEA preparation and characterisation are an integral part of material and component development.”

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