Algebra group

People, research interests, and links to personal web pages:

  • Sophie Frisch Commutative ring theory, polynomial functions on commutative rings and non-commutative algebras, topological methods in ring theory.
  • Sarah Nakato (graduate student)
  • Amr Al-Maktry (graduate student)
  • Daniel Windisch (graduate student)
  • Former members
  • Carmelo Finocchiaro  Multiplicative ideal theory, valuation theory, spectral spaces,
    abstract Riemann surfaces.
  • Giulio Peruginelli (U. Padova)   Commutative ring theory, algebraic number theory, integer-valued polynomials
  • Roswitha Rissner Commutative ring thoery, linear algebra over commutative rings.

We collaborate with mathematicians in France (Marseille, Amiens), Italy (Roma Tre, U. Padova), the USA (Penn State, SUNY, Ohio State), and in Vienna and other places.

From time to time, we organize a conference on "rings and polynomials" in Graz Conference on Rings and Polynomials (July 2016)