Experimentelle Untersuchung und numerische Modellierung von granularen Medien

The research deals with the mechanical properties of assemblies of macroscopic frictional solid particles with a grain skeleton, different packing densities and various loading histories. Based on a continuum description the results of experimental investigations and numerical simulations of the stress-strain behavior of granular materials are investigated for granular media like sand, gravel, rockfills and mechanically treated waste materials. Particular attention is paid to the influence of the solid hardness, the loading path, the pressure level, the packing density and the state of chemical and mechanical weathering on characteristic quantities like the incremental stiffness, the peak friction angle, the compressibility or dilatancy and the long-term behavior, including creep and stress relaxation. Spontaneous shear strain localization within the granular body as well as forced shear localization of the granular material along a rough bounding structure for different interface properties are also considered.


Erich BauerProjektleiter