Luminescent indicators

One of the most important research directions of the Chemo- and Biosensor group is preparation of new luminescent indicators with advanced photophysical properties. Ideally, they should fulfil the following requirements:

  • High sensitivity and selectivity to the analyte
  • High solubility in solvents and polymers
  • High luminescence brightness (ε ⋅ Φ)
  • High chemical and photochemical stability
  • Optimal spectral properties (compatibility with instrumentation)
  • Moderate synthetic effort

NIR indicator dyes is one of the main focuses of our work since they enable low-interference measurement in most biological media due to low levels of autofluorescence and light scattering. They also make possible preparation of sensing materials suitable for subcutaneous sensing and imaging of analytes. Particular focus is in preparation of new oxygen, pH and ion indicators and well as molecular optical temperature probes.