Product Innovation Project

Jetzt bewerben!
Jetzt bewerben!

Innovation Festival 2018

Group picture of the PIP teams and the institute.

We thank you in the name of the PIP teams and the institute for the exciting Innovation Festival 2018.

WATCH OUT - Prof. Dr. Christian Ramsauer is explaining our product innovation project!

Impressionen von der Final Gala

Some impressions from our Final Gala last year. 

Group Picture
Team ValvX (Sponsor: Ventrex)
Team Heptec (Sponsor: Andritz)
Team Think Big Industries (Sponsor: Logicdata)
Team Magnivate (Sponsor: Magna)
Team Novability (Sponsor: Porsche)
Team E-Team (Sponsor: Energie Graz)
Team TipTech (Sponsor: Palfinger)
Team Xhale (Sponsor: Sebring)

“We believe that innovation happens when strong multidisciplinary groups come together and build a common collaborative culture to explore their different perspectives.”

- Alexander Pointner, former Project Manager of the Product Innovation Project

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The Product Innovation Project (PIP) is following the concept of problem based learning. Inspired by the one-year program in Design Thinking at the at Stanford University in California (US), the IIMis the first institute for innovation in Austria that offers a lecture like this one.

Within the framework of Product Innovation Project, multi-disciplinary and international student teams are working on real-life tasks given by industrial partners. During a yearlong process of developing a product concept, working prototype and business plan, the participants are supported by the teaching staff of the Institute of Innovation and Industrial Management (IIM) and their industrial partners, but are independent in choosing tools and methods to resolve the given task.

During task completion, the students can make use of different instruments like a fixed budget provided by the industrial partners, professional support in project management by the institute, room facilities for rapid prototyping like the FabLab Graz and many more.


Product Innovation Project for businesses

In the course of Product Innovation Project both students and industrial partners enjoy benefits. The students have the chance to use and further improve their knowledge as well as their soft skills while they gather real-life experience and ECTS-credits for their ongoing studies. At the Final Gala, the student teams present their results to a broad audience of representatives from industry, politics and the educational sector.

By providing the two major components of an interesting task and the project budget, the industrial partners, get in contact with highly motivated students and potential employees – not only for a job interview – but during the whole process of product development. Further, they get presented solutions for an interesting new product or an existing problem with current products or technologies.

The IIM DesignLab

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The IIM DesignLab, as a hub for innovators at Graz University of Technology, is the home base of the Product Innovation Project, representing the spirit of an intellectually and emotionally inspiring environment.

The spatial and organizational structure of the IIM DesignLab is designed for flexible use, spaces can be easily modified and rearranged for various purposes like knowledge sharing, creative work, social interactions and the exchange of experiences.

The overall layout of the IIM DesignLab encourages open communication and spontaneous encounters – the students are invited to both work and relax. This combination is vital for creative working.

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Was is das IIM DesignLab?

Das IIM DesignLab ist ein Knotenpunkt für Innovationsarbeit und speziell für Kreativprozesse designt.

Wer nutzt das IIM DesignLab?

Im Zuge der Lehrveranstaltung Product Innovation Project haben die teilnehmenden Studierenden-Teams 24 Stunden am Tag Zugang zum IIM DesignLab um gemeinsam an ihren innovativen Produktideen zu arbeiten.

In Aufgaben, die mit einem festgelegten Budget direkt aus der Industrie kommen, entwickeln die Studierenden neue Produktkonzepte, Prototypen und die zugehörigen Businesspläne.

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