Francesco Carraro graduated in Material Science (2014) and received his PhD degree in Science and Engineering of Materials and Nanostructures (2018) at the University of Padova, Italy, under the supervision of Prof. Stefano Agnoli (Surface Science and Catalysis Group). His research was focused on the design from the micro to the atomic scale of different nanostructured heterogeneous catalysts that can be applied in the field of energy conversion and chemicals synthesis. He investigated different synthetic methods (i.e. aerosol processes, layer by layer growth of MOFs) and focused his attention on operando (i.e. QuickEXAFS) and in situ (i.e. XPS, Raman Spectroscopy) characterization techniques.  After a short stay (6 months) as Post Doc at the Chemical Science Department of the University of Padova, he moved to Graz, Austria, in 2018 and joined Prof. Falcaro group as a Postdoc. He is currently working on the encapsulation of biomacromolecules into Metal-Organic Frameworks and on the conversion of ceramic thin films to Metal-Organic Frameworks, with a particular focus on the characterization of these material exploiting synchrotron-based characterization techniques.