Biomedical Engineering

Conquer, Field-cycling

Conquer, Field-cycling

Contrast mechanisms: CONQUER is a multi-disciplinary FET Open project focusing on the development of a radically new type of MRI contrast agents using quadrupole relaxation enhancement

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Biomarker Imaging

Biomarker Imaging

Biomarker imaging is the basis of precisions medicine. It delivers morphological, functional, micro-structural or metabolic information related to specific tissue states. 

In-vivo Field Mapping

In-vivo Field Mapping

Cutting edge imaging problems require the knowledge of the real magnetic fields inside the body. Optimization technologies make the measurement process robust for practical situation.

The progressive aging of our society and the ongoing shortage of resources are a major challenge to public health care. As a result, we must develop more efficient and affordable methods and technologies for biomedical applications. Modeling and simulation at different levels of the organism and the characterization of structural and functional biomedical information are the basis for new applications and devices in clinical diagnosis and intervention. The techniques are an essential condition for stratified and personalized medicine. Our internationally outstanding research in biomechancis, medical, neural, and health-care engineering are distinguished by several lighthouse projects and research grants.

Areas of Research

Medical Informatics, Medical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Health Care Engineering, Biomechanics, Experimental Biomechanics, Bioinformatics, Computational Medicine, Cognitive Neuroscience


Christian Baumgartner

Biomedical engineering, sensors and
signals, experimental and computational
cellular electrophysiology, modeling and
simulation, biomedical device design and
MD/IVD regulation

Gerhard A. Holzapfel

Experimental and computational
biomechanicsand mechanobiology;
analyses of growth and remodeling;
mechanics of soft biological tissues;
cardiovascular mechanics and many more.

Gernot Müller-Putz

Brain-Computer Interfaces, clinical BCIs
for communication (disorders of
consciousness) and control (spinal
cord injury), Decodoing of movement
(intention), closed-loop systems,
passive BCIs, human somatosensory
and motor system, signal processing,
EEG, functional brain mapping.

Theresa Rienmüller
Assistant Professor

Health Care Engineering, Perfusion, Hybrid
Systems, Medical Imaging, Computed
Tomography, Biomedical Modeling, Medical
and Biomedical Image Processing


Hermann Scharfetter
Associate Professor

Biomedical Engineering, Biomedical
Instrumentation, Biomedical Imaging,
Tomography, Biomedical Signal Processing,

Jörg Schröttner
Associate Professor

Health Care Engineering, Diagnostic
Reagent Kits, Compliance, Guidelines


Gerhard Sommer
Assistant Professor

Mechanical Properties of Human Soft
Tissues, Dissection Properties of Human
Aortic Media, Biaxial Mechanical Properties
of Human Common and Internal Carotid
Artieries and their Underlying Layers

Rudolf Stollberger

In-vivo Magnetic Resonance, biomarker
imaging, accelerated imaging, inverse
problems in MRI, RF pulse design,
quantitative and functional imaging,
signal modelling

Leila Taher

Genomics, Gene Expression, Gene
Regulation, Genetic Variation,
Transcriptomics, Proteomics, Epigenetics,
Quantitative Genetics, Genome
Evolution, Next Generation Sequencing,
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology,
Theoretical Biology


Selina Wriessnegger
Assistant Professor

Neural correlates of BCI performance and
Motor Imagery, Applications of passive
BCIs, Hybrid Brain-Computer Interfaces,
Neurophysiology of the Motor Cortex,
Subliminal visual information processing,
Augmented Reality and learning.


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