Thermec'2021 Virtual Conference is postponed and will take place in
June 1 - 5, 2021

instead of May 10, 2021 as  initially planned and
announced due to technical difficulty

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JUNE 1-5, 2021 - Virtual Conference



Origin Event Planning (OEP), USA is managing the THERMEC2021 Virtual Conference starting from June 1, 2021, at 8AM Vienna time. A few days ago OEP has sent you the accessing information (the Conference Website address, and your personal login ID), at your listed email address.   

If due to any reason you did not receive your access details, please contact OEP
(Ms Camille 
Riley as soon as possible, and send also copy to

Please note that without your personal login details from OEP you cannot access THERMEC2021 Virtual Conference presentations, which will be available for 6 months after the end of the conference on the 5-th of June 2021. 

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Prof. C. Sommitsch
THERMEC2021 Chairman 
TU Graz- Austria 

THERMEC2021 Program Chair

Prof. R. Shabadi
THERMEC2021 International Committee
Universite de Lille1 -France


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THERMEC'2021 is the 11th International Conference on the advanced materials series built upon the proven concept and continues the tradition of its predecessors, Japan - 1988, Australia - 1997, USA - 2000, Spain - 2003, Canada - 2006, Germany - 2009, Canada  - 2011, Las Vegas/USA - 2013, Graz/Austria - 2016, Paris/France - 2018.

THERMEC conference provides a forum that connects professionals (engineers, technologists, researchers) working in industry, academia and government research labs in various countries in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, PR China, India, Brazil, Southeast Asia and Russia and allows them to present their research findings in the overall field of science and technology of processing, fabrication and manufacturing of advanced materials.


The conference will cover all aspects of processing, fabrication, structure/property avaluation and applications of both ferrous and non- ferrous materials, composites including biomaterials, high temperature materials, fuel cells/hydrogen storage technologies, batteries, super capacitors, thermoelectric materials, nanomaterials for energy and structural applications, aerospace structural metallic materials, bulk metallic glasses, UFGM, TMP of fission materials (fuel cladding, structural), high entropy alloys, materials & technologies in fusion reactors, additive manufacturing, smart/intelligent materials, modelling & simulation, welding/Joining- FSW-P, interfaces/Gbs & neutron scattering/X rays studies and materials performance of advanced materials.  

Oral and poster presentations dealing with various conference topics will be included in the conference program. In addition to the contributed papers, the conference committee has invited eminent internationally known researchers in key areas of advanced materials processing/manufacturing from various countries to deliver state-of-the art Plenary/Keynote lectures at THERMEC'2021.

Eminent experts from various countries will also deliver Plenary/Keynote lectures at THERMEC'2021.

Virtual Conference Thermec'2021

April 15, 2021
Final Program on website

June 1-5, 2021:

Virtual Conference

June 1, 2021
8:00 AM Vienna time,
Virtual Conference starts

October 2020:
THERMEC Proceedings
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Conference Secretariat

Dr. Bettina Schreiner-Foessl
Graz University of Technology
Institute of Materials Science, Joining and Forming

Kopernikusgasse 24
8010 Graz, Austria