Abstract Submission Procedure

Abstract Submission Procedure

(Deadline is January 10, 2020)

To submit abstracts one needs to create a user account by clicking on : Create an account (https://www.conftool.com/thermec2020/).
Once created, you will receive your login credentials to registered email.  Use those to access your personal account on the website.
Please keep these login details safe or save in your web browser– You will need these in future for REGISTERING to the conference.

Please follow below mentioned instructions how to submit the abstract.

  1. Thermec‘2020 abstract submission :  https://www.conftool.com/thermec2020/
  2. Kindly click "create a new account" which will take you to the page in which you need to enter your user name, password and other details which are mandatory before going to the next page to submit your abstract.
    Attention: It is strongly recommended that only presenting authors create an account and submit their abstracts.
  3. Then click on Your Submissions  to   Chose
    a) Oral Presentation
    b) Poster Poster Presentation
  4. Enter the following data:

  • Author(s) and mark the presenting author
  • Organization(s)
  • Title of Contribution
  • Abstract (maximum length of the abstract is 250 words)
    Attention: Do NOT include tables, special characters, images, formulae or equations in the abstract. Subscripts and superscripts are possible!
    Attention: When you do copy&paste from a PDF please pay attention to copied word wraps!
  • Topics: Please select the topic(s) (max. 2 topics) from the list that best suit your submission. This is to assist with the review process and the creation of the conference program itself.
  • Keywords: Please enter up to five keywords for your contribution here, separated by commas
  • Please reply to an obligatory question: Are you a student? Submitting for a student presentation? Yes / No.
  • Click Proceed to complete submission.

COMPLETE SUBMISSION: Please note that you have to click on „Complete Submission“ to confirm and save your contribution

PS:  The Programme Committee will communicate only with the presenting author in the registered email address.

Also note that:SUBMIT ABSTRACT on-line ONLY to be considered. It is strongly recommended to create a personal account on the website to submit abstracts.

  • Once the abstract is submitted, one will get an automated message stating your abstact has been successfully submitted.

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Submission Deadline

January 10, 2020


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