Data Protection Information

Graz University of Technology (TU Graz), Rechbauerstraße, 8010 Graz, organizes and hosts a large number of events. In connection with these events, TU Graz, as a controller in the sense of the GDPR, processes personal data of the participants and visitors.

1. Registration data
The data submitted by the participants on registration (name, address, e-mail) are processed for the following purposes.

Purpose Justification
Organisation of the event (e.g. producing name cards, lists of participants for internal organization, etc.) Fulfilment of contracts and/or implicit consent
Compilation of a list of participants to be handed out to the participants to promote networking within the subject community. Consent pursuant to GDPR Art 6 (1) (a)
Entry of the participants into a contacts database Consent pursuant to GDPR Art 6 (1) (a)
Sending information on the same event in the next year Consent pursuant to GDPR Art 6 (1) (a)
Transmission of data to the organizer of the same event in the following year (if it is organized by different institutions from year to year, which is indicated on the conference website) for the purpose of inviting the participants to the next event. Consent pursuant to GDPR Art 6 (1) (a)
Documentation of consent &GDPR Art 7 (1)

TU Graz processes the data for no other purposes than those listed above and does not transmit the data to third parties.
Registration data are deleted when they are no longer needed for the purposes listed above and no statutory duties to preserve data or overriding legitimate interests (e.g. assertion or defence of legal claims) exist that would justify continued storage.

2. Photographs and video recordings
At events of TU Graz, photographs and video recordings are made in which you may appear as a visitor or participant. TU Graz respects your wish not to appear in photographs and videos. Please tell the photographer at the event if you do not wish to be photographed. As far as possible we will provide ‘no-photo’ areas (e.g. the back rows in lecture theatres) to make it easier for you to avoid being photographed.

Photographs and video recordings may be used for the following purposes:

  • Reporting about the event in various media used by TU Graz (The university's intranet and website; social media; local media; website of the institute; conference website; leaflets, business reports, annual reports, etc.)
  • Presentation of the university and its activities in the aforementioned media
  • Documentation of the event and keeping a chronicle of the life of the university.

The photographs are published without being linked to other personal data (e.g. names).

In respect of photographs and video recordings made at events, TU Graz asserts the following legitimate interests:

  • Consent pursuant to GDPR Art 6 (1) (a): As far as possible, consent is obtained for processing of photographs (online and/or in writing at the event). If you pose for photographs, TU Graz will treat this as constituting implicit consent to the types of processing named above.
  • Legitimate interests pursuant to GDPR Art 6 (1) (f), Austrian Data Protection Act (DSG) § 12; possibly in conjunction with § 9: For certain kinds of photographs (general photographs of the event, photographs of larger groups of people from some distance, etc.) it is not feasible to obtain consent from all the individuals who may be depicted. For such pictures, in which individual people are not the central motif but which are intended to show the general character of the event, TU Graz asserts its legitimate interest in documenting the activities of the university and also to report on it in various media

Transmission to third parties
Insofar as it is necessary to use external service providers, TU Graz ensures compliance with the data protection regulations. Photographs and video recordings are not transmitted to any other third parties.

Deletion periods
The duration of storage of data is limited to what is needed for the purpose. Unpublished photographs and video recordings are normally deleted after [5 years]; selected photographs may be stored for longer, e.g. for use in connection with anniversaries or for documentation purposes.

3. Data subject rights
You have a right to information about whether TU Graz is processing personal data of yours and what these data are. If your personal data are incorrect or incomplete, you have a right to rectification/completion. If you believe TU Graz may be processing data unlawfully, you can exercise your right to erasure. You have a right to restriction of processing for the time required to carry out an evaluation of the disputed accuracy of the data, an evaluation of the overriding legitimate reason in the event of an objection, in the event that unlawful processing has occurred, if you do not wish the data to be deleted, in the event that the purpose of processing has been exhausted, and if you still need the data in order to establish, exercise or defend legal claims. You have a right to portability of data. Any consent you have given can be withdrawn at any time, effective for the future, without stating a reason (right to withdraw consent). The processing of your data becomes inadmissible from the time at which you withdraw your consent, unless another legitimate reason exists to continue with the processing. Insofar as TU Graz asserts an (overriding) legitimate reason for processing of data, you have the right to object (right of objection to claimed legitimate interests).
To exercise these rights you can find contact options at:
You also have a right to make a complaint to the Data Protection Authority.


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