Week 1

Sun 25th June 2023

On site registration

Informations for students for their stay in Graz

Welcome reception by the International Office with breakfast

Intercultural Awareness Session


Guided City Tour


Mon 26th June 2023

Bus transfer to South East Styrian region with stay in the area.

Visits to:

Tue 27th June 2023

Wed 28th June 2023

Exploring Food Trends with Hanni Rützler from the Future Food Studio


Thu 29th June 2023

Biodynamic wine grower and typical Schilcher Buschenschank Strohmeier


Friday 30th June 2023

– The Butchers Experience –

A day at the local butcher Mosshammer with hands on for producing your own sausages and BBQ

Full Details


Saturday 1st July 2023

A beer brewing course at Sudhaus by Anton Paar including company visit


Sun 2nd July 2023

Free for your own plans

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Week 2

Mon 3rd July 2023

Free for your own plans


Tue 4th July 2023

A day in the lab - in-depth analysis at the Institute of Analytical Chemistry and Food Chemistry 


Wed 5th July 2023

Urban food producers

  • Kollmann urban vegetables
  • Farina mill


Thursday 6th July 2023


  • Visiting the ecological mushroom manufacturer GutBehütet 
  • Truffle hunt with trained dogs at Styrias first truffle plantation Trüffelgarten

Lunch at the expierential restaurant Bulldogwirt


Friday 7th July 2023

Shopping at a local farmers market

Final cooking experience with Chef Johann Reisinger

Cheese tasting curated by cheese sommeliers of KasAlm

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