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Specific Services for Employees

TU Graz offers for some groups of employees specific services. 

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For International University Members

Dual Career Service

The Dual Career Service at TU Graz is aimed at dual career couples and families, providing support for couples with an academic education, when both people are pursuing a career.

Read more on the page Job Vacancies.

Welcome Center

The Welcome Center supports international employees prior to their arrival at TU Graz as well as during their time in Graz.

Services for Researchers

TU Graz provides its researchers with comprehensive services focussing on funding programmes and job postings, project management and administration, patents, inventions and technology evaluation, founding companies and the advancement of women in academia.

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Services for Teaching Staff

TU Graz provides support for its teachers in many ways – allowing them to maintain the high-quality of instruction offered and develop it even further – including innovative learning technologies, training and continuing education offers, and support and mentoring programmes.

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Initiatives and Courses for Managers

After Work Leadership Forum

Lectures held by experts and the subsequent discussions provide managers with the opportunity to focus on topics related to human resources management.

Management Development Programme

The Management Development Programme teaches young managerial staff at university the skills they need to meet the challenges of their increasing management responsibilities.

TU Graz Leadership Dialogue

At the TU Graz Leadership Dialogue, managerial staff from all faculties focus on practical personnel management topics. This makes it possible to look at different perspectives and work together to find solutions specifically relevant for TU Graz.

Expert Leadership Programme

The Expert Leadership Programme at TU Graz teaches managers from service units, staff units and deans' offices methods and tools for successful management. Focus is placed on testing acquired competences.

Advanced Leadership Programme

In the framework of the Advanced Leadership Programme, university managers focus on the topic of management: Developing knowledge of management, reflecting on managerial roles, final development of managerial competences, specific focus on selected managerial topics.

Project Management

TU Graz supports scientists in their project work by providing continuing education in project management, which reflects the standard of the International Project Management Association (IPMA).

Individual Coaching

TU Graz offers individual coaching for managers to support them in meeting professional challenges.

Further Information

Further information for employees can be found on the TU4U intranet:



Apprenticeships at TU Graz

45 young people are currently doing an apprenticeship at TU Graz.

Apprenticeship vacancies are published every year in February and March.

Vacancies for apprentices can be found on the page Job Vacancies for Non-Academic Staff

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Professions for Apprentices

TU Graz currently trains apprentices for the following professions:

  • Archive, library and information assistant
  • Technical drafter
  • Computer scientist
  • Construction and mechanical engineering technician
  • Laboratory technician – chemistry
  • Mechatronics technician, automation technician
  • Mechatronics technician, electrical engineer
  • Media specialist – media technology
  • Metal technician – mechanical engineering
  • Metal technician – machining
  • Physics laboratory assistant
  • Materials engineer



Information in the TU4U Intranet

Apprentices at TU Graz can find information on the apprenticeships in the TU4U intranet, see Lehrlingsausbildung.

Services for People with Disabilities or a Chronic Cisease

For students: Accessible Learning

In TU4U intranet:



Representative for People with Disabilities

The Representative for People with Disabilities supports people with disabilities or a chronic disease in the following situations:

  • Application, appraisal and design of workplace and environment
  • Applying for funding for equipment and maintenance of workplace
  • Solving conflicts in the workplace




Representative for People with Disabilities
Petersgasse 116 bis 118, Erdgeschoß
8010 Graz
Phone: +43 316 873 6144

See Representative for People with Disabilities


For a Parking Permit:

Buildings and Technical Support
Inffeldgasse 25/D, Erdgeschoß
8010 Graz
Mario Hafner
Phone: +43 316 873 6587

Parking Permit

The service department for Buildings and Technical Support will provide a parking space free of charge if a member of staff has a permit for a disabled parking space.