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General Services for Employees

Introduction for New Employees

Welcome@TU Graz

The introduction day Welcome@TU Graz gives new employees an overview of TU Graz as an employer. This introduction day is held in English, and covers the following topics:

  • Introducing TU Graz
  • Working with TU4U and TUGRAZonline
  • Educational Technologies
  • The Welcome Center of TU Graz
  • Visiting the Library of TU Graz 



Get together with Rectorate and New Professors

The “Get together” focusses on the communication of the TU Graz strategy, getting to know one another and networking. The Rector and Vice Rectors primarily discuss the following topics together with the professors:

  • Organisational structure, tasks and responsibilities
  • Strategies and aims
  • Plans, projects and measures
  • Strategic cooperation ventures

Welcome Brochure

The welcome brochure for new employees provides important and interesting information on TU Graz as an employer, acting as an initial guide.

There is also a separate welcome brochure specifically for new professors, which also provides important information on a professor’s role in research, teaching and management.

Further Information for Employees

Further information for employees of TU Graz can be found on the TU4U intranet:



Information Media

TU Graz at a Glance

On the page TU Graz at a Glance, you can find numbers, dates and facts on TU Graz as well as sources of information such as the Knowledge Survey, the annual report and Facts & Figures, which you can download.

TU Graz insider Newsletter

The monthly newsletter “TU Graz insider” informs TU Graz employees about successes, news, events and provisions at TU Graz.

Rectorate Information and Dialogue Event

Twice a year, the Rectorate invites all TU Graz employees to the information and dialogue event “Dialog @ TU Graz”.


  • News on TU Graz and current developments
  • Open exchange of ideas and opinions

TU4U Intranet

TU4U, the TU Graz intranet, is an information and service platform for staff and students.

Continuing Education and Careers

Academic Staff Model

The academic staff model clearly shows possibilities for academic development and career options at TU Graz. It regulates virtually all academic university staff employment relationships, which began after 2003.


In the framework of the TU Graz mentoring programme, experienced TU Graz scientists pass on their knowledge to young scientists and new professors.

In-House Training

TU Graz offers employees a needs-oriented, in-house training programme on the following topics:

  • Working at TU Graz
  • Work safety
  • Workplace health promotion
  • Data processing
  • Finance
  • Research
  • Foreign languages
  • Management tasks
  • Intercultural competence
  • Internationalisation - individual support measures
  • Teaching
  • Training for student assistants


TU4U intranet for employees: In-House Training

Summer Training “Teaching in English”

Academic staff at TU Graz can participate in a 3-week summer training programme on “Teaching in English”.

TU4U intranet for employees:



Continuing Education Abroad: for TU Graz Employees

As a TU Graz employee, you can receive specialised training at public or private companies or institutions, regardless of their size, form or business area, through the Erasmus+ staff mobility programme (STT - Staff Training). These companies or institutions can be in

  • any EU country and
  • Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Macedonia as well as Turkey.

Detailed information about the requirements and procedures can be found in the Intranet TU4U.


Mandellstraße 15, 2nd floor
8010 Graz
Phone: +43 316 873 6423

Continuing Education Abroad: at TU Graz

Erasmus+ Procedure:

  1. If you would like to visit TU Graz to receive specialised training, correspond with the responsible contact persons, institutes and departments at TU Graz to discuss your planned visit.
  2. Gather the following information from the department responsible for Erasmus+ at your home institution:

    • What are the requirements?
    • When are the deadlines?
    • Is financial support for the Erasmus+ staff mobility programme offered by the home institution?
    • What is the application procedure?

The TU Graz service department International Office – Welcome Center requests that the contact person at the TU Graz let them know about training stays by international staff.


Appraisal Interview

This one-to-one meeting with between employees and managers is an opportunity to discuss the previous year, future aims, career development and teamwork. Furthermore, employees and managers can give each other feedback and discuss topics for which there is often little time during day-to-day work. Such discussions make it easier to work together.

Employee Survey

Employees have the opportunity to take part in a survey, actively giving feedback and thus helping to shape the development of TU Graz. The results contribute to the further development and improvement of TU Graz: concrete improvement measures are derived from the information and implemented at the university.

Course for Female Employees with Secretarial Duties

TU Graz offers a course for women with secretarial duties related to research and teaching: Success and networking strategies for female secretaries and course instructors.

Health Promotion

Health Day at TU Graz

Every year, TU Graz organises a Health Day, where employees are encouraged to take care of their health in everyday life. Learn about new methods of analysis, innovative gym equipment, nutrition counselling, and much more.

Courses and Workshops on Health

TU Graz offers various courses and workshops to help you to stay healthy, such as cooking, stretching, yoga and pilates as well as support in stopping smoking.

Preventative Check-up with STGKK

TU Graz organises free, confidential preventative check-ups with Steiermärkische Gebietskrankenkasse.

Nutrition Advice etc.

TU Graz also provides nutrition advice, chair massages, sight tests etc.

Further Information for Employees

Further information for employees can be found on the TU4U intranet:

Diversity Promotion at TU Graz

TU Graz actively promotes a culture of diversity and appreciation. The university wants every individual to feel accepted and to be able to develop their potential – this way they are able to contribute to innovation, teaching and research. Diversity in research leads to new discoveries and, as a consequence, to new teaching material.

Information for employees of TU Graz can be found on the TU4U intranet:


Phone: +43 316 873 6090

Further Information for Employees

Information for employees of TU Graz can be found on the TU4U intranet: 

Compatibility of Work and Family Life


TU Graz offers, and provides information on, different childcare options, such as nurseries, day-care centres, summer childcare, flexible childcare etc.

See Childcare


Compatibility of work and family life
Phone: +43 316 873 6095

Welcome Package for Babies

All employees and students at TU Graz who become parents are given a welcome package by TU Graz.

Caring for family members

TU Graz provides comprehensive advice and information for family carers.

Lectures and Workshops

Employees and students receive information on lectures and workshops on different topics related to development and parenting as well as on caring for relatives.

Further Information



Equal Rights and Advancement of Women

TU Graz wants to employ an equal number of women and men, involving both in research and teaching. The Office for Gender Equality and Equal Opportunity supports the university in achieving this by implementing numerous measures, particularly with the aim of increasing the proportion of women at TU Graz.

Read more on these pages


Office for Gender Equality and Equal Opportunity
Mandellstraße 5/I
8010 Graz
Phone: +43 316 873 6092

Working Group for Equal Opportunities
Mandellstraße 5/I
8010 Graz
Phone: +43 316 873 6093

Further Information for Employees

In the TU4U intranet:



Equal Treatment and Antidiscrimination

Members of the Working Group for Equal Opportunities provide advice and support for victims of harassment and discrimination due to gender, ethnicity, religion, ideology, age or sexual orientation.

Discounts and Offers

TU Graz Offers – Examples

  • A free bike check at the start of the cycling season in spring
  • Discounted bikes in TU Graz design
  • Contribution to cost of yearly or half-yearly public transport ticket offered by Holding Graz Linien
  • Discounted mobile phone contracts with A1 and 3
  • Lower premiums for car insurance
  • Discounted tickets from Styrian art and culture organisations such as Musikverein Graz, Graz Opera and Schauspielhaus Graz theatre etc.


Discounts Organised by the Works Councils

Works Councils at TU Graz arrange discounts with different companies for employees of TU Graz. Discounts are, for example, arranged with banks and insurance companies, for computers, clothing, electronics, hairdressers and cosmetics, mobility, travel, sport and free time, entertainment, etc.

Further Information

Further information for employees of TU Graz can be found on the TU4U intranet under:


IT Services for Employees

The Service Department IT Services at TU Graz provides employees with numerous IT Services.

Here are a few examples:

  • Computer workstation, telephone, database systems
  • Email, calendar, contacts
  • Internet access to research networks (ACOnet, GÉANT, PRACE)
  • IT consulting and IT support
  • IT security consulting
  • Network and IT security
  • Private cloud with integrated Office environment
  • Storage incl. backup
  • TUGRAZonline as a campus management system
  • Technical-scientific software for academic affairs and research
  • Video conferencing systems
  • Central printing services

Your IT Access to TU Graz

You need a TU Graz account to be able to make use of the university’s IT services.

Find out more in the guidline in German: Anleitung TUGRAZonline-Account

Information for Employees

Information for employees at TU Graz: