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Are you passionate about your research field? Would you like to work in an international environment? Would you like to work for a university, which works closely with industries, other universities and research institutions? Then a professorship at the TU Graz may be just the right thing for you!

Science – Passion – Technology – this motto unites the students and employees at the TU Graz.

The TU Graz offers researchers and teachers a dynamic setting in which to work and pursue their passions. Both internal and external cooperation promote a climate of diversity, innovation and equal opportunity.

The city of Graz, with its nearly Mediterranean climate, appealing culture and cuisine offers an excellent breeding ground for innovation.

Interesting Details:

Tom Kaden, Source: Kaden
Tom Kaden, Professor at the Institute of Architecture Technology

It is with great pleasure that I would like to contribute my many years of professional experience to the newly established professorship of Wood Architecture. Graz as a centre of culture and science in general and the Institute of Architecture Technology at TU Graz in particular have an excellent reputation among colleagues and for me this is a kind of return to my roots: before building my first timber constructions, I undertook extensive architectural excursions in Austria in order to study existing timber architecture.

Daniel Watzenig, Source: Watzenig
Daniel Watzenig, Professor at the Institute of Automation and Control

The TU Graz enjoys an excellent international reputation and is located in the heart of the research and innovation region of Styria. TU Graz’s proximity and close ties to the surrounding high-tech companies, as well as its lively international culture, continuously increase the quality of research and teaching offered and make it an attractive employer. By discussing cutting-edge topics such as security and automated driving, TU Graz once again demonstrates its impressive ability to adapt to the dynamic, constantly changing research landscape.

TU Graz offers the optimal conditions for basic research, research-guided teaching and industrial research cooperation, especially in the cutting-edge field of automated driving. I also studied here due to the attractive range of courses offered and have worked for the TU Graz for many years.

Katrin Ellermann, Source: Ellermann
Katrin Ellermann, Professor at the Institute of Mechanics

Whenever moving to a new place, I prepared for the journey but I was always open to surprises. The same holds for Graz: Certainly, you can browse through web pages, read many books or papers about the place or the research at TU Graz. But from my point of view, getting to know the new colleagues and meeting other researchers make the appeal of being in Graz. Especially, I appreciated how common it is to being invited to different research groups and laboratories.

Bernd Deutschmann, Source: Deutschmann
Bernd Deutschmann, Professor at the Institute of Electronics

After several years working in industry, I returned to academia. Choosing TU Graz was an easy decision. I studied here and knew about the high quality of the university’s education and research. TU Graz is at the centre of Austria’s “Silicon Valley”. Its close proximity to numerous companies means that it is an ideal place for research cooperation ventures. As a student city, Graz is also a fantastic place to live.

Paolo Falcaro, Source: Falcaro
Paolo Falcaro, Professor at the Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry

TU Graz is a very appealing educational and research organization. The high standard related to important aspects of teaching, research, innovation and equipment enables the production of internationally recognized research outcomes. The judicious balance between fundamental and applied research with specific interest towards industrial needs allows for a variety of exciting multidisciplinary challenges. Additionally Graz is a cozy city surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes… I love it!

Kang Mihyun, Source: Lichtmeister – TU Graz
Mihyun Kang, Professor at the Institute of Discrete Mathematics

Graz University of Technology has a very good reputation and a long tradition as an excellent University for research. TU Graz provides internationality, which plays a very important role in academic life. The university city of Graz has the right size to live cosy and comfortable and at the same time enjoy diverse cultural activities and nature.

Professorship in Building Physics

Faculty of Civil Engineering Sciences;
Institute of Building Construction

Call for applications
Application deadline: 27 January 2019

Information on the Application

Application form

Appointment Procedure

Here you can find further information on the Appointment Procedure.

Diversity and Equal Opportunities

TU Graz actively promotes diversity and equal opportunities. Applicants are not to be placed at a disadvantage in personnel selection procedures on the grounds of criteria such as age, gender, ethnicity, religion or ideology, sexual orientation or special needs due to a disability.


Management of Professorial Appointments
Rechbauerstraße 12/I
8010 Graz


Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.

Head of Management of Professorial Appointments

Phone: +43 316 873 6061

Phone: +43 316 873 6002

Increasing the proportion of women

Graz University of Technology aims to increase the proportion of women, in particular in management and academic staff, and therefore particularly encourages qualified women to apply. Until there is a balanced number of men and women at the university, preference will be given to women if applicants are equally qualified.

General requirements

Applicants must have written and spoken German and English skills that reflect the requirements of the position.

No travel expenses

Travel costs that arise as a result of the selection procedure are not reimbursed by TU Graz.

Funding opportunity: FFG Interview Grant


Current Appointment Procedures

Faculty of Architecture

Spatial Composition and Design

  • Section 98 University Act
  • Institute of Spatial Design
  • Vacancy; Application deadline: 8 June 2018
  • Selection process in progress

Architectural History and Heritage Conservation

  • Section 98 University Act
  • Institute of Institute of Urban and Architectural History
  • Vacancy; Application deadline: 15 November 2018
  • Selection process in progress

Faculty of Civil Engineering Sciences

Building Physics

  • Section 98 University Act
  • Institute of Building Construction
  • Vacancy; Application deadline: 27 January 2019

Faculty of Electrical and Information Engineering

Embedded Automotive Systems

  • Section 98 University Act
  • Institute of Technical Informatics
  • Vacancy; Application deadline: 14 September 2018
  • Selection process in progress

Fundamentals and Theory in Electrical Engineering

  • Section 98 University Act; successor to Prof. Bíró
  • Institute of Fundamentals and Theory in Electrical Engineering
  • Vacancy; Application deadline: 12 October 2018
  • Selection process in progress


Faculty of Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering


  • Section 98 University Act
  • Vacancy; Application deadline: 3 December 2018

Information Security

  • Section 98 University Act
  • Institute for Applied Information Processing and Communications
  • Vacancy; Application deadline: 3 December 2018

Intelligent and Adaptive User Interfaces

  • Section 99 University Act (limited to 5 years)
  • Institute of Interactive Systems and Data Science
  • Vacancy; Application deadline: 3 December 2018

Machine Learning

  • Section 99 University Act
  • Institute of Theoretical Computer Science
  • Vacancy; Application deadline: 9 August 2018
  • Selection process in progress

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Economic Sciences

Logistics Engineering

  • Section 98 University Act;  successor to Prof. Jodin
  • Institute of Technical Logistics
  • Vacancy; Application deadline: 31 October 2018
  • Selection process in progress


Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Geodesy

Experimental Physics with special emphasis on Optics and the Science of Light

  • § 98 University Act
  • Institute of Experimental Physics
  • Vacancy; Application deadline: 30 September 2017
  • Selection process concluded

Space Sciences

  • § 98 University Act
  • Vacancy; Application deadline: 15 October 2017
  • Selection process concluded

Faculty of Technical Chemistry, Chemical and Process Engineering, Biotechnology

Chemistry and Technology of Organic Materials

  • § 98 University Act
  • Institute for Chemistry and Technology of Materials
  • Vacancy; Application deadline: 18 October 2017
  • Selection process in progress

Newly occupied professorships