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Quality Management

Quality is given the highest priority at TU Graz, and is pursued both through intent and action, since this nature of this pursuit defines the path between the required and realised levels of quality.

However, the desire to seek a high level quality cannot be imposed from above. Instead, this desire must pre-exist in all areas and at all levels and be rooted in the minds of all those involved in the pursuit.

All members of TU Graz, therefore, bear the responsibility of quality planning, control and improvement (together, referred to as quality management) as part of their duties and their related competencies.

Source: AQA Advanced Certificate

 Proven Quality! In March 2011, TU Graz was the first Austrian university to be awarded with this certificate in accordance with the AQA Advanced Audit (AQA: Austrian Agency for Quality Assurance, the forerunner of AQ Austria). This certification and the AQA label confirmed that the TU Graz quality management system, which covers all areas of teaching, research and administration, fully meets international standards.

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TU Graz Quality Management System

To ensure a high level of quality in teaching, research and the administration, as well as factor in continual improvement, a quality management system was developed and built at TU Graz. Quality is experienced by all members of TU Graz and, for this reason, each and every individual is responsible for quality planning, control and improvement in her or his area of expertise.

The quality management system assures that

  • The PDCA method (PLAN – DO – CHECK – ACT) is used wherever it makes sense at TU Graz.
  • Regulated procedures exist for all important university processes and that these are followed.
  • Quality assurance measures are truly effective.

Basic Principles

  • The mission statement describes the mission, vision and principles of TU Graz serves as a guide with reference to quality. Detailed information can be found in the quality management handbook.
  • Guidelines and process diagrams TU Graz staff can download these via the intranet TU4U under Formulare & Downloads.


Additional information is available for staff through the intranet TU4U under:

External Evaluation and Audits

At TU Graz, faculties or departments are periodically evaluated. The central aspect of this evaluation is a peer review process conducted by external international experts.  All fields of activity or parts thereof are examined, supporting targeted development.


Additional information is available for staff through the intranet TU4U under:

External Evaluations – Quality Audits: Externe Evaluierungen – Quality Audits

In order to properly maintain and continuously improve the TU Graz quality management system, frequent internal and external quality audits are carried out, adhering to international standards.