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TU Graz WhatsApp newsletter

If you subscribe to our free WhatsApp newsletter, you’ll receive a message from WhatsApp on your smart phone as soon as there is a new article in News+Stories on the TU Graz website.


  • Save our number +43 664 88 37 1300 as TU Graz News+Stories under your smart phone’s contacts.
  • Open WhatsApp and send us a short message such as “Subscribe” for the English version or “Anmeldung” for the German version of the newsletter.
  • You don’t have to mention your name because we only save the number.

We do not pass on mobile phone numbers to third parties and you can use it just for the WhatsApp newsletter. You will not receive any advertising material from us, no spam and no advertising calls. Other subscribers to the newsletter will not see your mobile number and won’t be able to send you any WhatsApp messages since it’s not a group but rather a broadcast list.

The WhatsApp newsletter does not contain exclusive content. All content can also be viewed at tugraz.at/go/news-stories-en.

In addition, we use a separate mobile phone exclusively for the WhatsApp newsletter, which does not store any data except the numbers of the subscriber. We have also blocked WhatsApp from accessing the phone's internal address book. If you also want to do that to protect your contact data, you can find instructions for doing so here.


How often you get a WhatsApp message from us depends on how many articles appear on our website. Normally, there are one to three articles a week on weekdays.

You can also send us messages. Your messages will not be seen by other subscribers to the newsletter. When using WhatsApp, remember that the transmitted content is not always encrypted.


To unsubscribe from the WhatsApp newsletter, send us a message, such as “Unsubscribe”. Alternatively, you can block "TU Graz News+Stories" on your WhatsApp contact list.

If you change your mobile phone, you have to save our WhatsApp number to the phone book of your mobile again so that you continue to receive messages from us. To do this, you can use a back-up of your old phone book or simply copy it to your new smart phone.