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TU Graz presents: GAM.12 Structural Affairs

10 May 2016 | Research

By Ute Wiedner

How innovative design and supporting structures in architecture are built on sound cooperation projects. The recently published 12th edition of the architecture magazine “GAM” is dedicated to this topic.

Structure interwoven with people on the cover of the 12th edition of the Graz architecture magazine GAM.
The 12th edition of GAM takes a closer look at how new methods and techniques in structural design affect the collaboration between those involved and vice versa.

In modern structural design, new digitalisation methods, materials and manufacturing techniques require intensive cooperation between all the experts in architecture, engineering and the building industry. The Graz architecture magazine GAM.12 – Structural Affairs is dedicated to collaborations in the dynamic working field of today’s structural engineering. An interdisciplinary field of cooperation influences and shapes the planning and building process – from the design concept to execution of the construction and technical production. GAM.12 asks questions about potentials and synergies of this development for architectural practice, and raises current projects and theoretical positions for discussion.

International architectural discussion forum

The Graz Architecture Magazine, abbreviated to GAM, opens up interdisciplinary perspectives on topical themes in architecture through articles by international authors. The magazine has been published annually since 2004 in German and English by TU Graz’s Faculty of Architecture and the Birkhäuser publishing house in Basel. The editorial staff of GAM.12 include Daniel Gethmann (executive editor), Petra Eckhard (managing editor), Manfred Omahna (book review editor), Martina Plank (coordination of faculty news) and guest editors Stefan Peters and Andreas Trummer.


GAM.12 Structural Affairs, 2016.
Paperback EUR 19.95 ISBN: 978-3-0356-0984-4 / Birkhäuser Verlag (Basel)

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