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The blog ‘Talking about… provides a platform for a variety of people connected with TU Graz to write about topics relevant to the university. Students, graduates, teachers, researchers, staff, cooperation partners and friends of TU Graz all share ideas, experiences, opinions and tips.

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Talking about ... sonible - from start-up to international pioneer

Graz University of Technology graduates Baumgartner, Sciri and Wankhammer founded sonible in 2013. The goal: to develop and successfully market innovative audio software and hardware. The journey: a steep learning curve.

First off, if we had unlimited resources at sonible, we would implement all the ideas we have. Simply because we have incredible fun developing new things. But reality showed us quite quickly that as an entrepreneur you sometimes need something urgently: focus. We – that is, Ralf Baumgartner, Peter...

6. February 2020

Talking about ... My experiences as a visiting researcher at TU Graz

Mojtaba Pourbashiri came to Graz, Austria, during his PhD. Since January 2019 he works as a postdoctoral guest researcher in the field of advanced materials science. He has found Graz to be a city of science and peace.

I have found people at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) to be so kind and full of productive and helpful comments. The institutes and the labs have a warm and friendly environment. The professors, researchers, students and staff are always treated with respect and warmth. They helped me a lot...

30. January 2020


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Talking about Studo – from start-up to partner for digitalisation

Anyone who tells the founding story of the university app “Studo” has to look back beyond the year of the company's formation in 2016. The five founders – four men and one woman – got to know each other during their studies at TU Graz.

Runtastic for the gym

Valentin Slawicek, the initiator of Studo and current Chief Technical Officer (CTO), was already programming in 2014 – but on a fitness app. “Back then, Runtastic was really big and since my colleague Christian was an avid fitness athlete, it was only logical to develop an app...

19. December 2019

Talking about From idea to product

The young founder and TU Graz student Lukas Watzinger has developed "REELOQ", an innovative safety device for smartphones and the like. In this article he shares his experiences on the journey from idea to product.

One should always make the best of a bad situation. But in the summer of 2018, quite frankly, that was a lot to ask. Had I known at that time what effects a broken mobile phone would have on my life, my frustration would have faded very quickly. But long story short – what happened? In a careless...

7. November 2019

Talking about coming to TU Graz as a degree seeking student

Brenda Barrios came to Austria as a student of the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering Master's Programme at Graz University of Technology. In her Blog Post she tells us, why Graz became the city of her heart.

I have been a degree seeking student of the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering (CPE) Master’s Programme at the TU Graz since October of 2017. Before coming to Graz, as soon as I got my acceptance letter the TU Graz Welcome Center got in contact with me. Elisabeth and Birgit, currently the main...

10. September 2019

Talking about … a summer job like no other.

Hannah Kaspret spent her summer as FIT intern at the Institute of Solid State Physics of TU Graz and built flower pedals out of Polydimenthylsiloxane that reacts to water vapour.

Ever since the start of 6th grade I started to develop a greater interest in technology and science. So when one of my friends told me about a project, that their sister was once part of, whose goal is to get more girls invested in IT and science and provides the opportunity of a summer job at the...

9. September 2019

Talking about … Summer school in the Land of the Rising Sun

PhD student Katharina Kocher tells how two completely different cultures can together contribute substantially to the realisation of sustainable energy production via controlled oxyhydrogen gas reaction.

Every year, the Institute of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Technology of TU Graz in cooperation with the Yokohama National University organises the International Summer School on PEFCs, at which teaching staff from six different countries help students and researchers to further develop...

25. March 2019

Talking about … Microelectronics: The unsung hero of everyday life

Microelectronics from Austria? Really? Patrick Schrey is meanwhile wearily used to this reaction. For him, as an electrical engineer, it’s normal to be ever present but never seen.

I wasn’t aware before that microelectronics is developed and produced in Austria. For me microelectronics was always far away in Silicon Valley or in the Asian region. But, in fact, I can reach a manufacturing facility within the hour from my flat in Graz – comfortably even by public transport. ...

19. October 2018

Talking about … Smart district development in small towns

Aglaée Degros, head of the Institute of Urbanism at TU Graz, describes how small and medium-sized towns are able to deal with the challenges of sustainable urban development.

Scant sustainable forms of mobility, vacant shops in the town centres and stagnation in the implementation of the energy revolution particularly affect small and medium-sized towns and European urban regions. The Institute of Urbanism at TU Graz is giving its attention to this topic and together...

14. September 2018

Talking about … The new economy and the old economy

What’s it like to actively take part in a start-up within the structure of the ‘new economy’? Kevin Fister – former TU Graz student – has given this some thought.

Wikipedia defines the new economy as the ‘transition from a manufacturing-based economy to a service-based economy’. In plain language: Spotify, Netflix and Dropbox instead of MP3 players, DVDs and USB sticks. And of course, this includes every type of service, for instance – financial and medical...

23. August 2018