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The blog ‘Talking about… provides a platform for a variety of people connected with TU Graz to write about topics relevant to the university. Students, graduates, teachers, researchers, staff, cooperation partners and friends of TU Graz all share ideas, experiences, opinions and tips.

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Talking about ... My semester abroad at TU Graz despite corona

Architecture student Lisa Schmidt came to Graz from TU Berlin as an Erasmus student. Here she writes about what it's like to study abroad in the time of corona, specifically at TU Graz.

Why TU Graz?

I made my decision to apply for a semester at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) just under a year before I was due to start. A decisive reason for this was the "Graz School" of the 1970s-1990s at the Technical College of Graz (since 1972 known as Graz University of Technology),...

21 January 2021

Talking about ... from the idea to 2 Minuten 2 Millionen

TU Graz student Lukas Watzinger founds REELOQ. For his patented security system, investors offered 75,000 euros on "2 Minuten 2 Millionen". He shares the ups and downs about the show in this article.

A broken mobile phone in the summer of 2018 was the impulse for "REELOQ", a patented belay tool for smartphones and co. I already summarized what I learned during my "tinkering phase" a year ago in the article "... from the idea to the product" for this blog.

A lot has happened since then. In this...

27 November 2020


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Talking about The mesmerizing world of chemistry in Graz

Becoming a chemist has always been a dream for me. Joining TU Graz as an international student doing a master’s programme in chemistry has now fulfilled all my expectations. Do you also dream about studying abroad?

My study programme in Austria

The master’s programme in chemistry consists of compulsory lectures, elective subjects in the field of chemistry, laboratory and soft skills as well as free elective subjects. And without going into detail, the core message of this information is that Graz University...

19 November 2020

Talking about Two months of fuel cell research

Internship abroad despite corona crisis: At Nedstack B.V. in Arnhem, the Netherlands, TU Graz student Niklas Mayr further developed analytical measurement methods for fuel cell research. Here's his report.

I’m a student in the master's programme in chemical and process engineering at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz). Despite the crisis caused by corona, I took up an offer from Nedstack fuel cell technology B.V. in Arnhem last summer and started a two-month internship in the development...

23 October 2020

Talking about student and campus life at TU Graz

What it is like to be part of TU Graz campus life? Sara Krak, international student in Graz, Austria, writes about her everyday life experiences in general and about how Corona restrictions affected them.

Even before coming to Graz and studying at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz), I was excited about the whole student life experience – learning new things and improving my skills, but also spending time at campus and meeting new people. Campus life is in general really important for students,...

16 October 2020

Talking about Working as a student in Austria: eight big tips

Ekrem Toroman is an international student at TU Graz. He supports himself and knows what it’s like to work alongside his studies. In this article you’ll learn how to successfully finance your studies.

Working while studying

Graz is the self-proclaimed feelgood capital of Austria, where you can find many restaurants, cafés, bars and catering businesses who are always on the lookout for personnel. And you can usually arrange your working hours flexibly. Another good way to earn money is working...

17 September 2020

Talking about Start-up Felloz: have smartphone, will be able to donate

From the idea, to the team, to real social innovation. The founding team of the start-up company Felloz found out how to create real social impact using technology and entrepreneurial spirit.

Raphael. He studies biomedical engineering at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz), enjoys student life and needs a job in the summer to make a living. By chance he comes across a company where he can do good and earn money at the same time. He spends the summer in Germany, where he collects...

9 September 2020

Talking about Networking and making friends as International in Graz

Having lived in Kosovo her whole life, moving to Austria to study at TU Graz was life changing for Fjolla Hasani. She writes about overcoming the challenges of moving abroad and making friends, e.g. at social events.

Arriving in Graz as international student

Moving abroad and starting a new life where you do not know anyone seems exciting but it is also daunting. I remember arriving in Graz on a sunny September day, ready to take on whatever challenges life threw at me. But I definitely was not ready for the...

20 August 2020

Talking about … sport and leisure activities in Graz

Matko Mitrović is not only a student at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz), but also a very active and sporty person. He writes about fun indoor and outdoor activities students can do in their free time.

About me

My name is Matko and I’m an international student at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz). Since I’m studying mechanical engineering, my days are usually filled with sitting and studying, especially in the exam period. Therefore, I really love to spend some time outside to recharge and...

10 July 2020

Talking about … Finding your first accommodation in Graz

Veronika Novak, a student at TU Graz, reveals what to keep in mind when housing in Graz for the first time. New students can profit from her advice and learn to navigate the obstacles in finding the right housing.

Moving to another country and living on your own is a big step for every international student. Choosing suitable accommodation for yourself will make your student life much more comfortable and enjoyable. So, how to pick a new home for yourself when you have decided to study in Graz, Austria? ...

18 June 2020