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The blog ‘Talking about… provides a platform for a variety of people connected with TU Graz to write about topics relevant to the university. Students, graduates, teachers, researchers, staff, cooperation partners and friends of TU Graz all share ideas, experiences, opinions and tips. Do you want to suggest a topic or write a blog post? Please contact the editorial team by email.

Talking about ... What language is spoken in Austria?

As a student in Austria, you will soon be confronted with the peculiarities of Austrian German. In this post, Gergő Horváth, Hungarian student at TU Graz, writes about the gap between Standard German and the Austrian variant and how to cope with it.

My name is Gergő Horváth. I am an International Student Ambassador at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) and I have been living in Austria for the last seven years. I grew up in Hungary where we have to learn some foreign languages, such as German and English, during our school years. In my…
29. September 2022


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Talking about ... Konomondo – the Maths Learning Game: From Bread-and-Butter Job to Business Idea

The intense demand for private tutoring in maths gave Michael Fuchs, university assistant at TU Graz and private tutor for students, the idea of founding a company. Here he tells the founding story of Konomondo.

Some ideas take time to implement. In Konomondo’s case, it took eight years from the first concept to the start-up. in 2014, I was a student assistant at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) and used to finance my studies through private tutoring. I loved teaching young students, but first and…
16. September 2022

Talking about Delighted to be back at TU Graz

Joseph Iannelli from Washington State University (WSU) visited Graz, Austria, to expand the Student Exchange Agreement between WSU and TU Graz. In this blog post he writes about Austrian hospitality, internationalization commitments and student exchanges.

What else could I say? Since my first visit to Graz University of Technology (TU Graz), towards the end of 2017, when I served as Associate Dean for International Engineering programs for WSU’s Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture, you have all graciously welcomed me continuously as a…
11. August 2022

Talking about Weekend Getaways around Graz

A miniature sculpture park, the historical jewel Hallstatt, a chocolate paradise – these are just some of the destinations outside Graz that excite Matko Mitrović, international student at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz).

One of the reasons I chose Graz as a place to study is that there are many interesting places and sights within easy reach, from under an hour to a maximum of three hours away. Here are some of my favorites: Miniature Sculpture Park Minimundus In the city of Klagenfurt, Carinthia, you can find…
4. August 2022

Talking about Nature Getaways in Graz

Veronika Novak, international student at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz), shares where to find places to recharge your batteries from long days at university and meet with friends outdoors.

I am an international student at TU Graz in Austria and I come from a small town in Slovenia, which is surrounded by nature. So it was obvious for me to start looking for green spaces in Graz to escape everyday routine. I needed to find some time for myself to overcome all the big changes of moving…
6. July 2022

Talking about Studying Architecture and Being Creative in Graz

You may have seen Graz being described as a city of design. What makes Graz so special for someone like me who studies architecture here? Let me explain exactly what this city offers to creative people.

How did Graz become a city of design? Let’s take a look at some facts about Graz first. Graz is the second-largest city in Austria and the state capital of Styria. It is known as a student city and has four universities, two teacher training universities, two universities of applied sciences and…
25. May 2022

Talking about Why study Computer Science? And why at TU Graz?

We live in a digital age, where things move incredibly fast. To some people this might be frightening, to me it is fascinating, and I want to share with you why I am studying Information and Computer Engineering to find my dream job.

Growing up, computers were always something fascinating to me, maybe that was my childhood motivation to study the field of Information technology. But as I grew older I always discovered new reasons and inspirations to study IT. In my childhood it was the fascination about it, it was like some kind…
21. April 2022

Talking about How to Increase your Job Chances after Graduation

The aspect of getting a job and finding a job is a gradual process of maturing and learning a lot of things along the way. University is there to offer you knowledge but it is up to you to take up more on yourself if you want to be successful.

I am a student of the Master’s programme Computer Science at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) and I myself am always trying to enhance my skills and develop my career. There are a few steps you can take in order to achieve more in your career life and we are going to discuss that in this…
23. March 2022

Talking about What Makes Studying in Graz So Special?

I know that thinking about leaving your country, the place where your family and friends live, the place where you grew up, can be really scary. After three years of studying abroad in Graz, I know I made the right decision. Let me explain why.

When I first came to Graz, Austria, to study at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) I was a bit scared but also very excited. Lots of new opportunities, new people, and a different language as well as the city itself, just waiting to be explored. At first I was a bit unsure about my decision but…
24. February 2022

Talking about From Bosnia to Austria

Two and a half years ago I came to Graz where I study at TU Graz. In this time I have learned so much – not only about mechanical engineering but also about the right mindset for this big change. Let me share my Top 5 Tips with you.

I have always known that I will not stay in my home country my whole life. I wasn’t always sure where, when and for how long I was going to go (and still I am not), but I knew that there is more to see and experience in the world than just the things we have in the places where we were born. The…
21. January 2022

Talking about Graduate Successfully with these Nine Tips

Hello, my name is Ekrem Toroman. I come from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and study Construction Management and Civil Engineering at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz). I will explain how I started studying successfully after a bad start in my studies in the following nine tips for studying better.

These tips helped me change my life from the ground up within a few years. In the beginning, I lacked focus in my studies. My goals seemed unattainable, and this had a negative impact on my overall motivation. At some point I decided that it couldn’t go on like this. With a lot of effort I changed…
29. December 2021

Talking about Going Abroad on Your Own

It can be arduous as a student to go abroad and start a new life. There are lots of challenges that have to be met, and there are many ways to do so. I would like to share how I coped with the language, homesickness and loneliness.

My name is Gergő Horváth. I lived in a small village in Hungary until I moved to Villach (Austria) and later to Graz in order to continue my education in a foreign country. Currently I am studying chemistry at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz). I was always curious about a different life, what…
17. December 2021

Talking about Christmas miracles in Graz

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and even if our circumstances are quite peculiar ever since the pandemic started, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a cosy Advent atmosphere. In the following text, Jovana Vujacic does her best to mention some of the most convivial places one can visit in…

Keep in mind though that due to the current situation all the Christmas markets are closed until further notice but will be mentioned anyway (alongside some great walking trails) for better times to come. The Christmas lights create a warm and cosy atmosphere throughout the historic city centre –…
3. December 2021

Talking about PhD in Europe – Arriving and Living in Graz

Living far from your homeland for the first time is a challenge. As an Iranian researcher I came to Graz, Austria, to do research in an EU project at TU Graz. In this blog post I give tips for a good start and share my experience.

Coming to Graz was my first experience of living far from my homeland and even my first visit to Austria. I got my admission only two months before the start of the project, and organizing all the administrative work on immigration was a tough grind. But then I was introduced by the secretary of the…
30. November 2021

Talking about Student Competition Teams and Other Activities offered by TU Graz

Student teams, international programmes, summer schools and internships can be very beneficial for the future careers of students. Veronika Novak, international student at TU Graz, gives advice – especially for newcomers.

Extracurricular activities can be very beneficial for your future and help you create new possibilities. But sometimes it can be tricky for a new student to find the various programmes that exist at TU Graz to support students in their future careers and help them to create new connections. So which…
7. October 2021

Talking about Legal requirements when moving to Graz

For mechanical engineering student Matko Mitrovic, studying abroad in Austria at TU Graz led to new administrative challenges. Find out how he managed to cope up with all the documents and requirements.

I completed my bachelor’s degree in my home country, Croatia, where I didn’t have to pay too much attention to the legal requirements because, after all, I was at home. After moving to Austria, I learned a lot about dealing with documents and requirements and I’m more than happy to share some of my…
17. September 2021

Talking about Graz City Life

For electrical engineering student Sara Krak coming to study in a new country was a big step. Find out why she thinks Graz, Austria’s second largest city, is a beautiful and enjoyable place to live.

I grew up in Bosnia and Herzegovina where I have many precious memories, so leaving my home country was really difficult for me. Before moving to Graz to study at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz), I wasn’t able to visit the city. Seeing it in pictures and walking its streets for the first…
6. August 2021

Talking about Next stop: PhD?

Becoming a chemist has always been a dream to me. Joining TU Graz as an international and enrolling in the Master’s programme in Chemistry has fulfilled all my expectations. But does the journey have to stop here?

My study programme The Master’s degree programme in Chemistry at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) consists of compulsory lectures and elective subjects in the broad field of chemistry, which thus still allows the students to orient themselves and find their way. I personally found it hard to…
17. June 2021

Talking about My Fuel cell technology traineeship at TU Graz

Erasmus+ traineeship student Mark Kozamernik shares his experience about life in Graz and work at the Institute of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Technology (CEET) at TU Graz during the Covid pandemic.

In my final year of the Master's Programme in Chemical Engineering at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, I decided to do a five-month traineeship at the Institute of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Technology at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz). In November I started working in…
21. May 2021

Talking about Living in Graz on a budget

Most students have to live on limited funds and this can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. So I’d like to share my tips and tricks about how to live in Graz, Austria, on a budget as an international student.

Budget planning A very important part of studying abroad revolves around financial matters. Therefore, you should plan how much funds you are going to need in advance and where to allocate them.  When you apply for your residence permit, the authorities usually want you to have a certain amount of…
30. April 2021

Talking about TU Graz Fields of Study: Why not Choose Computer Science?

A broad range of study programmes are offered at TU Graz, but for me, an international student, Computer Science is the one that puts all my hard work, passion, and dedication to the test at all times.

The perfect formula for success does not exist, and every person has their foibles, but there are a couple of things you have to keep in mind when studying in a field like computer science. In the last two decades, we have seen a significant rise in computer science's popularity because of the…
25. March 2021

Talking about “Coronatimes” in the eyes of an international student

Jovana Vujačić, an international degree seeking student from Serbia in Graz, Austria, summarises her experiences with digital teaching and everyday life at TU Graz during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Needless to say, ever since we are living in a state of a pandemic, our everyday lives have gotten a bit more complicated. Some people were hit harder than the other, however we have all suffered a big change. For us students, this change was quite radical. All lectures that could be adapted to…
4. March 2021

Talking about My semester abroad at TU Graz despite corona

Architecture student Lisa Schmidt came to Graz from TU Berlin as an Erasmus student. Here she writes about what it's like to study abroad in the time of corona, specifically at TU Graz.

Why TU Graz? I made my decision to apply for a semester at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) just under a year before I was due to start. A decisive reason for this was the "Graz School" of the 1970s-1990s at the Technical College of Graz (since 1972 known as Graz University of Technology),…
21. January 2021

Talking about from the idea to 2 Minuten 2 Millionen

TU Graz student Lukas Watzinger founds REELOQ. For his patented security system, investors offered 75,000 euros on "2 Minuten 2 Millionen". He shares the ups and downs about the show in this article.

A broken mobile phone in the summer of 2018 was the impulse for "REELOQ", a patented belay tool for smartphones and co. I already summarized what I learned during my "tinkering phase" a year ago in the article "... from the idea to the product" for this blog. A lot has happened since then. In this…
27. November 2020

Talking about The mesmerizing world of chemistry in Graz

Becoming a chemist has always been a dream for me. Joining TU Graz as an international student doing a master’s programme in chemistry has now fulfilled all my expectations. Do you also dream about studying abroad?

My study programme in Austria The master’s programme in chemistry consists of compulsory lectures, elective subjects in the field of chemistry, laboratory and soft skills as well as free elective subjects. And without going into detail, the core message of this information is that Graz University…
19. November 2020

Talking about Two months of fuel cell research

Internship abroad despite corona crisis: At Nedstack B.V. in Arnhem, the Netherlands, TU Graz student Niklas Mayr further developed analytical measurement methods for fuel cell research. Here's his report.

I’m a student in the master's programme in chemical and process engineering at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz). Despite the crisis caused by corona, I took up an offer from Nedstack fuel cell technology B.V. in Arnhem last summer and started a two-month internship in the development…
23. October 2020

Talking about Student and campus life at TU Graz

What it is like to be part of TU Graz campus life? Sara Krak, international student in Graz, Austria, writes about her everyday life experiences in general and about how Corona restrictions affected them.

Even before coming to Graz and studying at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz), I was excited about the whole student life experience – learning new things and improving my skills, but also spending time at campus and meeting new people. Campus life is in general really important for students,…
16. October 2020

Talking about Working as a student in Austria: eight big tips

Ekrem Toroman is an international student at TU Graz. He supports himself and knows what it’s like to work alongside his studies. In this article you’ll learn how to successfully finance your studies.

Working while studying Graz is the self-proclaimed feelgood capital of Austria, where you can find many restaurants, cafés, bars and catering businesses who are always on the lookout for personnel. And you can usually arrange your working hours flexibly. Another good way to earn money is working…
17. September 2020

Talking about Start-up Felloz: have smartphone, will be able to donate

From the idea, to the team, to real social innovation. The founding team of the start-up company Felloz found out how to create real social impact using technology and entrepreneurial spirit.

Raphael. He studies biomedical engineering at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz), enjoys student life and needs a job in the summer to make a living. By chance he comes across a company where he can do good and earn money at the same time. He spends the summer in Germany, where he collects…
9. September 2020

Talking about Networking and making friends as International in Graz

Having lived in Kosovo her whole life, moving to Austria to study at TU Graz was life changing for Fjolla Hasani. She writes about overcoming the challenges of moving abroad and making friends, e.g. at social events.

Arriving in Graz as international student Moving abroad and starting a new life where you do not know anyone seems exciting but it is also daunting. I remember arriving in Graz on a sunny September day, ready to take on whatever challenges life threw at me. But I definitely was not ready for the…
20. August 2020

Talking about … sport and leisure activities in Graz

Matko Mitrović is not only a student at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz), but also a very active and sporty person. He writes about fun indoor and outdoor activities students can do in their free time.

About me My name is Matko and I’m an international student at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz). Since I’m studying mechanical engineering, my days are usually filled with sitting and studying, especially in the exam period. Therefore, I really love to spend some time outside to recharge and…
10. July 2020

Talking about … Finding your first accommodation in Graz

Veronika Novak, a student at TU Graz, reveals what to keep in mind when housing in Graz for the first time. New students can profit from her advice and learn to navigate the obstacles in finding the right housing.

Moving to another country and living on your own is a big step for every international student. Choosing suitable accommodation for yourself will make your student life much more comfortable and enjoyable. So, how to pick a new home for yourself when you have decided to study in Graz, Austria? …
18. June 2020

Talking about … Graz, a student’s city with a cozy and friendly vibe

Since I'm studying at TU Graz, I have been living in Graz, Austria, for the past two years. Not only is university life a lot of fun, but the city itself is a delightful place and motivates me to enjoy my time.

My name is Gergő Horváth and I come from Balatonfenyves, which is a small town in Hungary. In this blog post I want to present Graz to you as one of the best cities to study in. In this blog post I want to present Graz to you as one of the best cities to study in. Why exactly Graz? Graz is a…
26. May 2020

Talking about … Important steps before and upon your arrival in Graz

Jovana Vujačić summarises all the important steps internationals should consider when deciding to study at TU Graz: planning process, when and how to apply, legal matters, language, fees, scholarships and more.

The most important tip: If you want to study abroad, plan ahead "As soon as your vision to study abroad is crystal clear, you should start preparing all the necessary documents. Don’t be lazy, don’t leave it until tomorrow, start at that very moment." It all starts when the idea pops up: “Hey, I…
23. April 2020

Talking about … Life as a researcher and everyday life in the time of coronavirus

TU Graz computer scientist Johanna Pirker reports on whether and how the measures to contain the corona virus have changed her everyday work.

In computer science in particular, we can carry out a large part of our research outside the office. In our Game Lab we develop and research games and virtual reality environments. Without the appropriate hardware, this is currently somewhat more difficult, and study programmes with students, for…
15. April 2020

Talking about … the origin of pandemics in the microbiome

The coronavirus has the world holding its breath. Environmental biotechnologist Gabriele Berg, head of the Institute of Environmental Biotechnology at Graz University of Technology, explains the role of the microbiome in these and other pandemics.

The microbiome is composed of microbiota and their surrounding habitat. All living microorganisms, bacteria, archaea, fungi, algae and protists – a certain group of single to multi-celled organisms – go to form microbiota. Viruses are not counted as part of the this, but do belong to the surrounding…
3. April 2020

Talking about … How I chose TU Graz out of so many Universities

For Lazar Gugleta, coming to Austria to study Computer Science was one of the biggest choices in his life. He writes about the factors that influenced his decision to leave Serbia to study for a degree at TU Graz.

Who am I? My journey began with a simple idea – to move away from my country and become an international student. Now before I tell you all about my journey, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Lazar Gugleta and I come from Novi Sad, Serbia. It is the second largest city in my country that is…
31. March 2020

Talking about … sonible - from start-up to international pioneer

Graz University of Technology graduates Baumgartner, Sciri and Wankhammer founded sonible in 2013. The goal: to develop and successfully market innovative audio software and hardware. The journey: a steep learning curve.

First off, if we had unlimited resources at sonible, we would implement all the ideas we have. Simply because we have incredible fun developing new things. But reality showed us quite quickly that as an entrepreneur you sometimes need something urgently: focus. We – that is, Ralf Baumgartner, Peter…
6. February 2020

Talking about … My experiences as a visiting researcher at TU Graz

Mojtaba Pourbashiri came to Graz, Austria, during his PhD. Since January 2019 he works as a postdoctoral guest researcher in the field of advanced materials science. He has found Graz to be a city of science and peace.

I have found people at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) to be so kind and full of productive and helpful comments. The institutes and the labs have a warm and friendly environment. The professors, researchers, students and staff are always treated with respect and warmth. They helped me a lot…
30. January 2020

Talking about … Studo – from start-up to partner for digitalisation

Anyone who tells the founding story of the university app “Studo” has to look back beyond the year of the company's formation in 2016. The five founders – four men and one woman – got to know each other during their studies at TU Graz.

Runtastic for the gym Valentin Slawicek, the initiator of Studo and current Chief Technical Officer (CTO), was already programming in 2014 – but on a fitness app. “Back then, Runtastic was really big and since my colleague Christian was an avid fitness athlete, it was only logical to develop an app…
19. December 2019

Talking about … From idea to product

The young founder and TU Graz student Lukas Watzinger has developed "REELOQ", an innovative safety device for smartphones and the like. In this article he shares his experiences on the journey from idea to product.

One should always make the best of a bad situation. But in the summer of 2018, quite frankly, that was a lot to ask. Had I known at that time what effects a broken mobile phone would have on my life, my frustration would have faded very quickly. But long story short – what happened? In a careless…
7. November 2019

Talking about … coming to TU Graz as a degree seeking student

Brenda Barrios came to Austria as a student of the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering Master's Programme at Graz University of Technology. In her Blog Post she tells us, why Graz became the city of her heart.

I have been a degree seeking student of the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering (CPE) Master’s Programme at the TU Graz since October of 2017. Before coming to Graz, as soon as I got my acceptance letter the TU Graz Welcome Center got in contact with me. Elisabeth and Birgit, currently the main…
10. September 2019

Talking about … a summer job like no other.

Hannah Kaspret spent her summer as FIT intern at the Institute of Solid State Physics of TU Graz and built flower pedals out of Polydimenthylsiloxane that reacts to water vapour.

Ever since the start of 6th grade I started to develop a greater interest in technology and science. So when one of my friends told me about a project, that their sister was once part of, whose goal is to get more girls invested in IT and science and provides the opportunity of a summer job at the…
9. September 2019

Talking about … Summer school in the Land of the Rising Sun

PhD student Katharina Kocher tells how two completely different cultures can together contribute substantially to the realisation of sustainable energy production via controlled oxyhydrogen gas reaction.

Every year, the Institute of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Technology of TU Graz in cooperation with the Yokohama National University organises the International Summer School on PEFCs, at which teaching staff from six different countries help students and researchers to further develop…
25. March 2019

Talking about … Microelectronics: The unsung hero of everyday life

Microelectronics from Austria? Really? Patrick Schrey is meanwhile wearily used to this reaction. For him, as an electrical engineer, it’s normal to be ever present but never seen.

I wasn’t aware before that microelectronics is developed and produced in Austria. For me microelectronics was always far away in Silicon Valley or in the Asian region. But, in fact, I can reach a manufacturing facility within the hour from my flat in Graz – comfortably even by public transport. …
19. October 2018

Talking about … Smart district development in small towns

Aglaée Degros, head of the Institute of Urbanism at TU Graz, describes how small and medium-sized towns are able to deal with the challenges of sustainable urban development.

Scant sustainable forms of mobility, vacant shops in the town centres and stagnation in the implementation of the energy revolution particularly affect small and medium-sized towns and European urban regions. The Institute of Urbanism at TU Graz is giving its attention to this topic and together…
14. September 2018

Talking about … The new economy and the old economy

What’s it like to actively take part in a start-up within the structure of the ‘new economy’? Kevin Fister – former TU Graz student – has given this some thought.

Wikipedia defines the new economy as the ‘transition from a manufacturing-based economy to a service-based economy’. In plain language: Spotify, Netflix and Dropbox instead of MP3 players, DVDs and USB sticks. And of course, this includes every type of service, for instance – financial and medical…
23. August 2018

Talking about … Teach, Present, Publish: English for Academic Purposes

Roxane Koitz-Hristov describes her impressions of participating in the faculty training programme Teach, Present, Publish at the TU Graz in cooperation with lecturers from Montclair State University.

How can you overcome the hot summer month of July? Ideally with an English refresher. All “Dad jokes” aside, this July I attended the programme “Teach, Present and Publish in English” at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz). Do you publish papers in international journals, correspond with partner…
9. August 2018

Talking about … advice for first semester students at TU Graz

The admission period starts at TU Graz on 9th July and with it advice about enrolment. Mathematician Erika Lavia explains the questions she had as a prospective student and shares some practical advice.

In my last school year before taking the ‘Matura’ – which are the school leaving exams for university entrance – I thought about whether I wanted to go to university or not, and if so, what I wanted to study. After all, all the admission procedures and admission deadlines are all different for the…
6. July 2018

Talking about … TU Graz StreeTech and me: Same same but different

Robots, hackers, racing cars, dinghies and a concrete canoe: the Graz inner city will soon be transformed into a hotspot of inventive spirit – an arena for student projects.

What do the student teams of TU Graz and Lisa Friessnig have in common? An event! More precisely, the ‘TU Graz StreeTech – the next generation’ which takes place in the heart of the Graz old town on 16th June. Just for one day Main Square and ‘Eiserne Tor’ will become a playground for student…
7. June 2018

Talking about … Sailing at the Course Croisière EDHEC

Katharina Zvetolec recounts why a very special international experience is putting new wind in the sails of the High Performance Sailing Student Team.

At the end of April we were ready. The High Performance Sailing (HPS) TU Graz Student Team was the first Austrian team to take part in the 50th EDHEC regatta in Brest (France). The team was proud to secure eighth position among the 25 Student Teams in our boat class – that’s in the top middle. But…
28. May 2018

Talking about … the TU Graz Field Robotics Team TEDUSAR

How do you build robot systems which can explore the environment autonomously? The field robotics team TEDUSAR deals with this question and many others.

We the Field Robotics Team TEDUSAR (Technology and EDucation for Urban Search And Rescue robots) of TU Graz, are students who share a fascination: robots. More precisely – autonomous robots which can perform certain tasks independently without outside help. It all began with the development of…
9. May 2018

Talking about … Innovation through synthetic biology

Henrik Seyfried and the NAWI_Graz 2017 iGEM student team managed to get robots and microorganisms to communicate with each other for the iGEM Competition 2017.

There are problems and tasks everywhere in this world and in a variety of shapes and sizes. From ‘small’ challenges in biotechnology to seas contaminated with plastic and climate change. The ‘international genetically engineered machine (iGEM)’ competition inspires students throughout the world to…
13. April 2018

Talking about … the Mirage 91 BCI Racing team

Biomedical Engineering student Anthulla Dushi shares her experience in immersing in Brain-Computer Interfaces as a member of the “Graz BCI Racing Team – Mirage 91” of TU Graz.

How did I enter the team? My interest in Neurotechnology as well as the International Welcome Days, organized by the University, made me aware of the Graz BCI Racing Team – Mirage 91. The team has considerable experience in developing state of the art Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) and in…
6. April 2018

Talking about … my month on Mars

For many people a mission to Mars would be a dream. For Michael Müller, physics student at TU Graz, this was a dream come true – at least almost. He reports on his experiences as a field crew member of the AMADEE-18 Mars Simulation project in Oman – from his arrival on the ‘red planet’ to the…

In February 2018 I was given the honour of becoming a member of the field crew of the AMADEE-18 Mars Simulation project in the Dhofar region in Oman. In February the Austrian Space Forum (OeWF) carried out an analog Mars mission to test technologies, procedures and experiments for suitability on…
3. April 2018

Talking about … vehicles of the future

How to build the world’s most efficient vehicle? What materials are suitable? Is electromobility the mobility of the future? In the TERA team we deal with all these questions and others besides.

TERA TU Graz is a student team that develops energy-efficient vehicles. We are students of various Graz universities, and we work together because we want to educate ourselves further and because we want to help shape the future of mobility. What does the TERA team actually do? Since 2010 we’ve…
22. March 2018

Talking about … hacking with LosFuzzys

Life as a Fuzzy and all the trimmings. Marcel Schnideritsch on his membership of LosFuzzys.

Membership of LosFuzzys can be briefly described as: challenges, weekly training sessions and a family-like environment. In addition to participation in CTF cyber security challenges, the focus is on knowledge transfer and community. This combination of things is what being a member of LosFuzzys is…
8. March 2018

Talking about … concrete canoes and me

What? Can it really float?! Yes. And there are even international competitions. A very successful TU Graz student team with boats they’ve built themselves.

I was part of the Betonkanu TU Graz. team in 2015, while studying civil engineering. As a team we were able to brilliantly master the challenge of building the lightest concrete canoe of the regatta and win in this category. Our canoe weighed 3.1 kg per linear metre and had a total length of 5.39 m,…
1. March 2018

Talking about … arranging a study or work placement abroad

Proper organisation is very important if you want to study or do a work placement abroad. We give you some information and tips on choosing a mobility programme, applying, selection criteria and more.

Selecting a mobility programme First, you need to choose the right mobility programme for your placement abroad. This will depend on what you want to study or research, as well as your language skills. If you want to do a placement abroad, but can’t decide whether you want to stay in Europe or go…
21. December 2017

Talking about Digital education in Ghana

At over 70 the teacher trainer Margarete Grimus wrote a doctoral thesis at TU Graz about the integration of mobile learning in sub-Saharan Africa - and infuses much into the teaching situation there.

A challenge during retirement Retirement after 43 years in Austrian teacher training and continuing education? That can’t be everything, surely! My life has always been full of exciting tasks. In the late 1980s, when I was 40 and working full time, I enrolled in a university computer science…
10. November 2017

Talking about … moving to Graz

It’s been quite some time since I moved to Graz to go on with my master´s program: time flies, every day there is something new – I never get tired of discovering this wonderful city anew.

First of all, my parents always wanted me to see the world, study abroad, get precious experience. After finishing my bachelor’s at home and having worked for a bit, I also realized that I’m still young and not ready yet to stay firmly in one place – I have the whole world waiting for me!  However,…
18. September 2017

Talking about … Meeting great role models

Beate Steller, doctoral student in chemistry at TU Graz, met the absolute greats of her specialty at the 67th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting.

Every year since 1951, the Nobel Laureate Meeting in Lindau on Lake Constance has taken place with the aim of bringing together young, promising researchers with Nobel prizewinners of the same specialty. Dialogue and the exchange of knowledge between the generations of scientists is promoted in…
17. August 2017

Talking about … an academic year in Bordeaux

Bernd Somitsch is studying Mechanical Engineering and Business Economics at TU Graz and is setting off for the Université de Bordeaux for one year to gain experience.

I will spend 2017/2018, the coming academic year, in Bordeaux, France. A stay abroad offers students boundless opportunities and possibilities, combining university education with personal development and an enormous accumulation of experience. One of my professors at TU Graz specifically pointed…
25. July 2017

Talking about … the international success of TU Graz student teams

Rector Harald Kainz on TU Graz’s student teams and why companies are sending out feelers for these high potentials.

As Rector of TU Graz I have many reasons every day to feel proud of this institution. We are an international university with a wide range of English master’s programmes, a highly desirable cooperation partner for business and science, our research focuses are at the top of the international…
6. July 2017

Talking about … Developments revolutionising logistics

TU Graz researcher Christian Landschützer explains why some 250 experts from 15 countries are coming together in Graz to develop the “Physical Internet” – a hyper-networked logistics system.

The Physical Internet – is this just another buzzword or a solid concept which will revolutionise freight logistics? Outlined roughly, the Physical Internet (PI) is a completely new system which will move, store, sort and supply physical objects in the future. Instead of sending packets of data…
27. June 2017

Talking about ... Exhibiting at the Milan Design Week

Graz meets Milano. Architecture students of TU Graz presented their solid-wood seating furniture prototypes at the Design Week in Milan, reaping great enthusiasm for their designs.

“amm – architektInnen machen möbel” does exactly what it says: TU Graz architecture students design furniture. The label was initiated in the Furniture Design Production course in 2012 by Irmgard Frank at the Institute of Spatial Design – and has been very successful in the last few years since with…
12. May 2017

Talking about … City of the future – Los Angeles

Alexander Gebetsroither, architecture graduate at TU Graz, has developed a future scenario for Los Angeles. He explains how he came to win the Archiprix International 2017 from 385 entries.

In my master’s thesis, I considered how a city can develop and function in the future. How to expand the urban planning horizon through an architectural idea without pretensions to solving particular problems. The thesis made use of Los Angeles. The creative and fictional aura around the dream…
13. April 2017

Talking about …frequently asked questions concerning your studies

Be student at TU Graz – just TU it! Have you got any open questions about studying at TU Graz? Here are the most frequently asked questions – from the studies information fair BeSt³ to your screen.

From the view of a team of advisors at the TU Graz fair stand, a day at the fair can be exciting and even quite challenging when we have to answer detailed questions on particular fields of study. Here is a selection of the most frequently asked questions which we’ve compiled for you. What study…
9. March 2017

Talking about … my business trip into space

Franz Viehböck, the first and only Austrian ever to have been in space reveals very personal memories of the Austromir mission in the TU Graz blog.

Sometimes I still dream of space. It’s mostly when I’m reminded of the spaceflight, when I meet people from that time or see things which remind me of my stay in space station Mir. That was over 25 years ago and I still remember very well the hard preparation time for the Austromir mission. The…
23. February 2017

Talking about … the beauty of uncertainty and its dangers

Michael Hartmann’s research focus lies in motion planning of autonomous vehicles regarding pedestrians in uncertain and dynamic environments.

On the way to work or to the supermarket each day, every one of us performs constantly recurring movement patterns without always consciously thinking about them. These movement patterns can be recorded, and an autonomous vehicle can learn about typical patterns using algorithms to predict movement.…
16. February 2017

Talking about … Driving in a wooden box

Love of technical gadgets is almost part of the job at TU Graz. Not surprising that I had to shout “ME!” when test persons were being sought for the in-house driving simulator.

“In reality I drive much better,” were my unbelievably contrite and apologetic words as I got used to the simulator driving seat at Inffeldgasse. I had lost my orientation, started off on the wrong side of the road, trembled discretely while staying in lane, and immediately exceeded the maximum…
26. January 2017

Talking about … the recipe to build the perfect sandcastle!

Dry sand flows, so does water with some sand. However, if one uses a proper mixture of sand with some water, the sand becomes sticky, and a sandcastle can be built.

An observation often tested, especially in summer times! Fortunately, scientific work does not stop at such (primitive) observations: it seeks an explanation for the effect.  For the situation of wet sand, it took a while to find the latter: the first scientifically-sound explanation for the…
12. January 2017

Talking about ... Nikola Tesla’s time at TU Graz

Bernhard Reismann on a technological genius and his personal highs and lows

Around 1870 the radiance of the Technical College of Graz was felt way beyond the borders of Styria. In those days, especially talented students interested in technology from north Italy and southeast Europe found their way to the Styrian provincial capital. The most gifted of them was without a…
12. December 2016

Talking about … timber – the construction material of the future

Wood is a trendy material – and not only in the music scene (thanks to the 257ers) but also in the construction sector. Because timber is natural, calculable, timeless, modern, flexible and fascinatingly versatile.

Ok, I admit it: I’ve got the ‘timber bug’. Not only because I am working for a company dedicated to promoting the use of timber but above all because I am convinced that the future belongs to timber construction. Indeed, building in wood brings out the best in this natural material. And now new…
22. November 2016

Talking about …the feedbackr app

Christian Haintz and Karin Pichler have founded a start-up based on their master’s theses. They talk about their experiences, successes and everything they’ve learned as founders.

When we developed the first prototype of our app, we had no idea that one day it would lead to a company. In 2011 TU Graz was looking for a tool which could make mass interactions possible in the lecture room. Our supervisor and mentor, Martin Ebner, who leads the TU Graz Educational Technology…
27. October 2016

Talking about humans, machines and the atmosphere of the Swiss competition

David Steyrl of the Mirage 91 student team from TU Graz describes his impressions of the Cybathlon in Zurich – the competition at the interface between man and machine.

Two full years of intensive preparations are coming to an end. Today is the day when we have to show how far these two years have brought us. Our brain-computer interface has to harmonise with the pilot. It’s time to concentrate. Not an easy job in the sold-out SWISS Arena and the amazing joyful…
13. October 2016

Talking about The Innovation Marathon – the big challenge

TU Graz student Philipp Rouschal on experiences at the TU Austria Innovation Marathon. The aim is to develop unfamiliar new ideas, throw new light on a problem, and bravely ask new questions.

Borrowing from Star Trek, there are also farther reaches of space at the Innovation Marathon – those of the mind.  And our adventure also boldly went where no man has gone before: 24 hours, eight teams with five members each, three phases, one mission, and no sleep till you get back home. It was a…
2. September 2016

Talking about ...refugees, architecture and comics

Architecture student Johanna Regger's master thesis deals with the flight routes of young Syrians. She created a touching graphic model from the stories young refugees shared with her.

What makes the graphic novel “In Mind” so interesting is its two-level context – i.e. the level of architecture and the level of the escape – that makes sense through the artistic form of the comic. The novel tells of our environment and the perspective from which we perceive it. This may sound…
25. July 2016

Talking about …from "Down Under" to the Erzberg

Visiting Professor Oliver Nebel talks about how the two science hubs Graz and Melbourne have moved one step closer together.

In the 1960s, the old geoscientific concept of an expanding earth – i.e., the notion of an ever broadening and growing world – underwent a Renaissance. This theory has since been scientifically proven wrong; in fact, today our earth appears to be shrinking every day. That is not strictly…
16. June 2016

Talking about Talking about... going back to university

In 2011, after several years of professional life, Josip Bozic decided to throw himself back into university studies. And to this end, the native Croat moved a bit further north – to TU Graz.

Monday, 14 February 2011, 5am. It’s hardly been one year since, after much consideration, I decided to plunge back into university life. And now, just a couple of days after saying goodbye to my last employer, I got into my car on a cold winter’s morning and drove to an unknown city in a different…
1. June 2016

Talking about ...mathematics as the art of learning

Roswitha Rissner from the Institute of Analysis and Number Theory of TU Graz gives an insight into her view of mathematical research.

The word “mathematics” comes from the Greek; as far as I know it derives from an expression which means more or less “the art of learning”. I find this a very beautiful and apt description. I feel scholarly work in mathematics is a constant learning process. I learn in order to understand something…
13. May 2016

Talking about …the courage for basic research

Reflections from Hans Sünkel, former Rector of TU Graz and chairman of the supervisory board of the Austrian Science Fund, on science and research.

Armed conflicts, streams of refugees, financial crisis and such like – in view of these worrying developments should we, may we, think aloud at all about topics such as the future of science or should we instead be putting all our energy into solving the problems of the present? We may and should do…
12. May 2016

Talking about ...the “Month of free education” project

Sascha Rossmann, deputy chairman of the Students’ Union (HTU Graz) and project coordinator, talks about the idea of making university education available to everyone.

“Everyone can get an education”: under this slogan, in the month of May, Students’ Unions from the whole of Austria bring courses out of their usual venues directly to the people. Whether during a walk through the town or the park, while drinking coffee in the little café next door, or while driving…
10. May 2016

Talking about … field research in Tehran

Architecture master’s student Lola Anna Seibt spent six months in Tehran, the capital of Iran to carry out research for her master’s thesis.

Welcome to the city where every day holds a story and paradox is commonplace. A brief outline of a day in Tehran. There is hardly any other city which inspires such curiosity and interest in me as this one. I’m fascinated how people sound out existing boundaries every day and interpret them anew.…
28. April 2016

Talking about ...science going public!

Reinhold Scherer on brain-computer interfaces, science slams and the rewarding experience of public relations work.

When I read scientific literature, I always ask myself the question: WTF? I’m not the brightest candle on the cake, but sometimes it’s just impossible to decipher scientists’ justifications and inferences. Everyone knows this feeling! Why is it so difficult to write reports in a brief, concise and…
20. April 2016

Talking about … my TU Graz

Rector Harald Kainz talks very personally here about his experiences as a university student, scientific assistant and, finally, the CEO of Graz University of Technology (TU Graz).

Having passed their school leaving examination qualifying them for university entrance, the world is virtually completely open to school graduates. Often it is very difficult to make the right decision: there are just so many opportunities available. And today, more so than ever. But even when I…
19. January 2016