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Photos of the campus locations

TU Graz has three large campuses in Graz
Further information is available at Buildings of TU Graz.

Campus Alte Technik

The "Alte Technik" at Rechbauertraße 12 is the original building of Graz University of Technology. The building was inaugurated on 12 December 1888 in the presence of Emperor Franz Joseph I. The campus includes other buildings in Technikerstraße, including the library, as well as premises in Lessingstraße. In addition to the university management and administrative and service departments, institutes of the Faculties of Architecture and Civil Engineering are located here.


Campus Neue Technik

Campus “Neue Technik” comprises buildings in Kopernikusgasse, Petersgasse, Brockmanngasse, Stremayrgasse and Kronesgasse. The ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of the first building on the campus took place in 1921 at the corner of Brockmanngasse/Kopernikusgasse. Today the area houses institutes for mathematics, mechanics, physics, chemistry, biomedical engineering, biotechnology, geodesy, hydraulic engineering and economics. The Science Park Graz – the academic start-up centre for start-ups and spin-offs of Graz University of Technology – is also located here.

Campus Inffeldgasse

Starting in 1970, the first buildings with large factory and test halls were constructed on the Inffeld grounds in the Graz district of St. Peter – an area with over 150,000 square meters. Today, Campus Inffeldgasse is the largest campus of Graz University of Technology and is home to institutes in the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, software development and information technology, process engineering and civil engineering. In addition, Graz University of Technology's childcare facility called nanoversity and numerous other research institutions, such as the COMET competence centres Virtual Vehicle, Know Center and RCPE are located here.