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Graz University of Technology strategically bundles its research into five future-oriented areas: the Fields of Expertise.

Advanced Materials Science

The researchers in the Field of Expertise Advanced Materials Science are primarily dedicated to materials for energy technology, electronics, lightweight construction and medical technology.


Human & Biotechnology

The research results of the Field of Expertise Human & Biotechnology are invested in the fields of medicine, environmental technology, industry and agriculture and thus directly benefit people.


Information, Communication and Computing

The researchers in the Field of Expertise Information, Communication & Computing face the challenges of the information age, such as data security and the efficient use of ever-growing amounts of data.


Mobility & Production

The research results from the Field of Expertise Mobility & Production provide groundbreaking answers to current challenges in land and air transport, space travel, production technology and management.


Sustainable Systems

The spectrum of research topics in the Field of Expertise Sustainable Systems ranges from future-oriented urban planning, innovative building technologies and energy systems to the use of renewable energy sources, intelligent energy networks and green mobility.