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Change Management and Implementation

Simplification of processes; reduction of workloads; and improving service-orientation: these are the goals of change management at TU Graz. What we understand by ‘change management’ is the structured initiation, implementation and control of change processes. In order to be optimally prepared for future challenges, TU Graz has gathered the relevant activities in this area into the service unit Change Management and Implementation (Veränderungsprozesse und Umsetzung; VPU).

More information on change management at TU Graz:

The team of the service unit Change Management and Implementation provides advice on change management projects and support for their implementation.


Change Management and Implementation
Brockmanngasse 84
8010 Graz

Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. MBA
Phone: +43 316 873 8700

Change Management and Implementation: objectives and tasks

  • Increase the service focus, support provided and simplification
  • Conception, coordination and implementation of internal university change processes (process/structural/cultural changes)
  • Optimization of a user-friendly and transparent process landscape that includes functional structures
  • Structured conception of the management of requirements as well as coordination, planning and implementation of IT projects
  • Effective and sustainable implementation of strategic projects
  • Integration of IT solutions into existing systems as well as planning and application of individual, transparent and efficient IT solutions
  • Establishment of a university node of expertise and support centre for process and workflow management, development of IT applications in a uniform system architecture
  • Professional support during change processes and central contact point for questions regarding the optimization of cooperation between faculties and central administration

Basic Principles of Change Management at TU Graz

  • Change Management helps the people affected by change processes to successfully manage the procedural, structural and strategic challenges involved, both in terms of organizational culture and the substance of the processes they are implementing.
  • All the people involved in the change are included in the change process from beginning to end. Change management improves acceptance of measures and improves the quality of results of projects and initiatives.
  • Change management creates a link between the optimization of the university organization and the quality of the working life of TU Graz employees.
  • Change management places a high value on sustainable implementation of change processes and on integrating them well into existing systems and organizations. It ensures transparency of goals and successful completion of change projects.
  • Change management raises awareness of the whole sequence of events, and the different phases, in change processes and helps employees to develop their social and specialist skills so that they are able to meet the challenges of change. Change management leads to learning processes and practical experiences in dealing with a work environment that is always evolving.
  • Change management promotes cooperation and makes sure that different organizational units interact with each other in the most constructive way.

TU Graz will continue to position itself as a leading international university. The change processes that are needed in order to reach this ambitious goal will be supported by change management. In this way, change management makes an essential contribution to achieving the strategic goals of TU Graz.

Current core projects of change management:

  • Strategic project Digital TU Graz
  • Strategic project ‘Change Management II: Service-Oriented University Management’

Change Management Services at TU Graz:

  • The service unit Change Management and Implementation (VPU) provides advice on change management projects and support for their implementation.
  • The contact point VIS (Administration – Information – Service) provides support for administrative staff.

As the first Austrian university, TU Graz adopted a strategic action framework for dealing with digitalization and the diversity of related changes in early 2018. Since then, TU Graz has been implementing a large number of initiatives and is regarded as a pioneer of digitalization among the Austrian third-level institutions.

More details: Digital TU Graz

Even faster, even more effective, even more competitive – and all of this in high quality: TU Graz is responding to this challenge by implementing the organizational vision of a ‘smart, effective university’ with a focus on service orientation. This vision is being realized through a number of strategic projects.

The jobs that administrative staff at TU Graz have to do are diverse and demanding. A contact point has been established in the office of the Vice Rector for Digitalization und Change Management.

More details: VIS (Administration – Information – Service)