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Here, you will find news about teaching at TU Graz. Teaching at the university is a constantly evolving profession, whose members strive to offer the students the best possible education to prepare them for their future professional and academic career.

  • TU Graz building Alte Technik

    Teaching and examinations in winter semester 2021/22

    Due to the uncertain situation regarding the COVID-19 developments next autumn, some regulations remain in force at TU Graz. More ...

  • Covid-19 Traffic light colour yellow

    COVID-19: Traffic light colour yellow from 1 July

    As of 1 July, TU Graz changes to traffic light colour yellow. From then on, courses and decentrally organised examinations can again be held in presence with maximum COVID occupation rates and without additional approvals. More ...

  • Text Differences matter, red and white background

    Mind the Gap: Award for Gender and Diversity

    TU Graz promotes discussion of topics related to human factors in technology and natural sciences and helps to raise their visibility. Five cash prizes of €750 - €1,500 are offered annually for different formats. More ...


Text Differences matter, red and white background

Mind the Gap: Award for Gender and Diversity

TU Graz promotes discussion of topics related to human factors in technology and natural sciences and helps to raise their visibility. Five cash prizes of €750 - €1,500 are offered annually for different formats:

  • theses and publications
  • conference contributions
  • teaching content and/or methods
  • non-scientific projects to promote diversity in research and teaching.


The target group is students and staff, as individuals or in teams (max. 5 people). Submissions are not subject to any thematic restrictions. Judging criteria are the innovative content, the degree of in-depth analysis and the extent to which diversity aspects are integrated.


Submission deadline: 28 September 2021

Further details in the Intranet TU4U

Covid-19 Traffic light colour yellow

COVID-19: Traffic light colour yellow at TU Graz from 1 July

As of 1 July, TU Graz changes to traffic light colour yellow. From then on, courses and decentrally organised examinations can again be held in presence with maximum COVID occupation rates and without additional approvals. Central on-site examinations will take place as planned. Further regulations:

  • “3-G” checks (tested, recovered, vaccinated) at all on-site events
  • FFP2 masks on public areas inside TU Graz buildings, everybode can take it off during courses and exams
  • Library, learning and reading rooms, selected IT learning centres as well as Zeichensäle (drawing studios) and other studios: open under conditions
  • Further buildings open from 19 July, with 3-G checks from 16 August


General rules: www.tugraz.at/go/coronavirus

Teaching and exam rules: Intranet TU4U


TU Graz building Alte Technik

Teaching and examinations in winter semester 2021/22

Due to the uncertain situation regarding the COVID-19 developments next autumn, some regulations remain in force at TU Graz. These include in particular the maintenance of minimum distances, the wearing of masks where necessary and “3-G” controls (tested, vaccinated, recovered).

  • Room occupancy: no full room occupancy due to maintenance of minimum distances.
  • Teaching and examinations on-site as far as possible
  • Central examination calendar to be continued
  • Detailed regulations during the winter semester may vary, depending on the infection situation (Corona traffic light)

You can find further information on the Intranet TU4U. The page serves as a central access point for all details on teaching and exams in COVID-19 times and is constantly updated.


Text on the picture: I'm sorry for what I said when I was hungry. LLT Frühstück. 23. Juni 2021

LLT breakfast on 23 June

During the cosy LLT breakfast of the OU Educational Technology (LLT) you will have the opportunity to receive news about the use of digital media in teaching and to exchange ideas with colleagues and the LLT team afterwards in a relaxed atmosphere. The main topic will be the new eCampus of the Science Space Styria.

  • When: Wednesday, 23 June 2021, 8 - 9 a.m.
  • Topic: eCampus - Application scenarios in teaching
  • Registration: elearningnoSpam@tugraz.at
  • Virtual space: Gather.Town (you receive the link after registration)

The LLT team is looking forward to welcome you at a virtual coffee or tea!

Graphic of a person in front of a notebook with "eCampus" written on it.

eCampus: New eService for teachers and information event

For two years, TU Graz, FH CAMPUS 02 and University of Graz worked on an eService for all teachers in the Science Space Styria. The result, the eCampus, was published at the end of May.

Teachers in the Styrian Higher Education Area thus have the opportunity to explore technology-supported methods and scenarios for teaching, independent of time and place. Six categories contain the most important topics for teaching:

  • Managing courses
  • Creating teaching and learning materials
  • Conducting face-to-face teaching
  • Conducting online teaching
  • Performance assessment and feedback
  • Technology enhanced teaching concepts

Interested persons will receive all further information at an online information event on 10 June (5 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.). Registration


QR-Code besides the German text: Studierendenbefragung der TU Graz 2021

Student survey of TU Graz 2021

After the 2020 First Year Students survey (see report in German), the comprehensive survey of all TU Graz students is currently taking place. In addition to general investigations on the study situation, the focus in 2021 lies on COVID-19 and digital teaching and its effects on the study progress as well as on the Inclusive culture at TU Graz. The participation of a large number of students is intended to reflect the student situation on the spot and enables us to further develop the university where there is a need.

In order to increase the response rate, it is kindly requested that the survey be mentioned in courses. Resources for this are available on request (lsenoSpam@tugraz.at).

Two students are talking to each other.

Lunch & Teaching on 14 June: Teaching and Learning Sites in Transition

The past online semesters have shown the increasing link between virtual and physical learning and teaching conditions. Newly planned buildings offer a big potential for implementing such teaching and learning spaces.

This topic will be addressed in the next Lunch & Teaching. First, Prof. Katja Ninnemann from HTW Berlin will provide insights into existing research findings on the design practices. Afterwards at the World Café, there will be space for an exchange of insights and ideas at the four virtual topic tables.

Details about the event:

  • Topic: Teaching and Learning Sites in Transition
  • When: Monday, 14 June 2021, 1 p.m. - 3 p.m.
  • Where: online (meeting link will be sent to registered participants)
  • Registration and further information
Text in the image: Barcamp. Digitale TU Graz Marketplace. Mittwoch, 14. Juli 2021

Digital TU Graz Marketplace on 14 July

The second Online Marketplace Barcamp once again offers teachers, administrative staff and students at TU Graz the opportunity to exchange ideas about digitalisation in teaching, administration and research. The funded teams of the past TEL, TEA and RDM tenders will be there to provide insight into the progress of their projects. The virtual platform Gather.Town will also provide sufficient space for exchange and interaction.

Details about the event:

  • When: Wednesday, 14 July 2021, 3 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.
  • Where: online (link will be sent to registered participants)
  • Registration until 9 July via tel.marketplacenoSpam@tugraz.at

You find the timetable for the event and narrower details in the Intranet TU4U (in German).


A man speaks in front of a camera.

Lunch & Lehre, 14 June: Teaching and learning sites in transition

This time, the dialog format Lunch & Lehre will focus on new challenges for teaching and learning sites, which are (or must be) transformed by the increasing linking of physical and virtual space. Prof. Dr. Ninnemann (HTW Berlin) will first provide an insight into existing research findings on design practices and discuss necessary strategies for action. The following World Café will invite discussion on the following topics: Digital teaching, teaching and learning islands at TU Graz, Room bookings for students – a pilot project of library and archive, Learning sites in the context of the social campus.

 Further information on Lunch & Lehre dialog format can be found in the Intranet TU4U.

A light bulb in front of various blue icons such as globes, pens, brains, test tubes, DNA strands, etc.

The path to a patent: Interactive learning videos for students

Today's students are often already working on tomorrow's ideas. This can result in projects that are so innovative that they open up completely new approaches. Some of these ideas eventually make it to the stage of a patent.

However, the way there is not always easy for students who have had no previous experience with the patent system. The Austrian Patent Office has therefore created interactive learning videos that interested students can click through and thus playfully follow the path from the idea to the patent.


New Podcast: Teaching – learning – listening

In the podcast Teaching – Learning – Listening, conversations with people working in teaching at TU Graz are intended to provide a look behind the scenes and show how diverse and exciting the activities in teaching are. Representatives of different faculties and departments report on their motivation and also on the challenges that go hand in hand with their responsible tasks concerning the education and training of our students.

The format: Two new episodes are published each month. Interviewees include teaching award winners, senior lecturers, teaching experts, deans of studies and faculty representatives for internationalisation or virtual teaching. Michael Fuchs, 2020 winner of the special prize for digital teaching, will start the series.

4 hands stretched together over a table

Joint Online Course together with TU Darmstadt

The course “Mathematics (Electromagnetics and Differential Forms)” is offered for the first time in the current summer semester. A special feature of the event is that it is organised jointly by TU Graz and TU Darmstadt. Students from both universities can participate online, with students from the partner university gaining all access to the TU Graz platforms (e.g. TUGRAZonline, TeachCenter and Webex).

The venture represents a prototype for the successful intensification of contacts with partner universities. It thus serves as a successful example for the future “Joint Online Courses” (Intranet TU4U), in which such courses with strategic partners are pushed.

Text on the picture in English and German: Sustainability Lecture. 19.5.2021. Online. "Rechtspolitische Herausforderungen am Weg zur Klimaneutralität". Prof. Eva Schulev-Steindl.

(H)TU Sustainability Day: Sustainability Lecture on 19 May

The climate crisis as a massive social, legal and political task is omnipresent today and has reached the centre of social discourse at least since the emergence of the Fridays for Future movement. This year's Sustainability Lecture as part of the (H)TU Sustainability Day will focus on the obstacles that need to be overcome on the way to the climate neutrality aimed for by the federal government by 2040 and where the impulses for a climate-friendly future are coming from. After the lecture by Eva Schulev-Steindl (head of the research center for climate protection law ClimLaw: Graz), all participants are invited to a discussion.

  • Sustainability Lecture 2021 (in German): Legal challenges on the way to climate neutrality
  • When: 19 May 2021, 4.00 - 6.00 p.m.
  • Where: TUbe
Traffic lights, besides a text in German: COVID-19. Aktuelle Infos: Ampel Orange ab 17.05. Testpflicht bei Präsenzlehre/-prüfungen.

COVID-19: Teaching and examination update

After more than four months in red, TU Graz is planning to return to the orange traffic light status as of May 17. Teaching and exams are still to be held mainly digitally, but for quality assurance reasons or for checking learning goals, this can again take place in presence with up to 15 people per room.

New: Participation in on-site courses from 17 May onwards is only possible with proof of a negative test or of having overcome an infection or neutralising antibodies (applies to lecturers/ staff and students). All regulations can be found summarised in the Intranet TU4U.

In addition, the new division of the current academic year has been decided, which shortens the lecture-free period to 18 July to 12 September 2021.


Two people at a table

New: Contact persons for children, youths & Guided Start

With the aim of bundling and accelerating the diverse activities of TU Graz for the next generation of students in a structured way, facilitating the exchange of experiences and increasing the efficiency of the implementation of these activities, there have recently been established contact persons for the area of Children, Youths & Guided Start for each faculty or field of study.

If you have suggestions for optimising current activities such as summer internships or school tours at TU Graz, or if you would like to contribute new ideas, you can now contact the contact person in your faculty or the coordinating BGF at jugendnoSpam@tugraz.at as usual.

Further information on the contact persons can be found in TU4U under activities for children and young people (in German).

A hand, a pen and paper

Results of the First Year Students survey 2020

From May to June 2020, TU Graz conducted its initial First Year Students survey. The target group was all bachelor students who enrolled in a degree programme at TU Graz for the first time in the academic year 2019/20. The survey is part of a regular series that was launched in 2020: Every year between May and June, students have the opportunity to share their study-related expectations and experiences in various topics.

Why do students choose TU Graz? What expectations do first year students have – and are they fulfilled in the first semesters? The complete report is available on the intranet TU4U (in German).

A comprehensive survey of all students will follow in May/June 2021.

People in front of roll ups

Summer Universities of OeAD: Green.Building.Solutions and AEMS

Discussions about climate change have long since found their way into the most diverse areas of life, including the field of construction. At the Summer University Green.Building.Solutions (GBS), everything’s about the topic sustainable construction of the future. At the same time, the Summer University Alternative Economic and Monetary Systems (AEMS) takes place, which treats alternative approaches to our current growth-based and unstable financial system.

Facts and discounts

  • GBS: 17 July to 8 August 2021 (online)
  • AEMS: 19 July - 6 August 2021 (online)
  • Deadline for scholarships for a reduced participation fee: 1 May 2021
  • At GBS, one scholarship is exclusively reserved for a TU Graz student
German Text on the image: COVID-19. Aktuelle Infos: Lehr und Prüfungsbetrieb. Ampel ROT bis mind. 11.04.

COVID-19: Current information on teaching and exams

The traffic light of TU Graz, meanwhile red since 28 December 2020, remains in this status at least up to and including 11 April. This means the current regulations remain in force:

  • Mandatory wearing of FFP2 masks when entering TU buildings, a safety distance of 2 metres must be kept
  • Drawing studios, other studios, IT learning centres and learning areas remain closed
  • Party traffic by appointment only
  • Teaching and exams on-site with a maximum of 10 students per room
  • Exception: Centrally organised on-site exams (maximum COVID occupancy of approximately 25 % of the total available seats)

General regulations: www.tugraz.at/go/coronavirus

Regulations for teaching and exams: Intranet TU4U



Campus of TU Graz

Information about the summer semester 2021 for teaching staff

As usual, the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Stefan Vorbach, once again informs you with the “Teaching and Learning News” about the latest and upcoming developments in the field of teaching:

  • Service information
  • Study law and organization
  • Events
  • Follow-up

Are you looking for up-to-date information on teaching and examinations in times of COVID-19? In TU4U you will find all the details collected and constantly updated on an overview page.

Campus of TU Graz

Information about the summer semester 2021 for students

At the start of the summer semester, the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Stefan Vorbach, once again informs with the "Teaching and Learning News" on a wide range of news and offers for students in the field of teaching:

  • Key competencies
  • Study law and organization
  • Service information
  • Events
  • Results of the initial First Year Students survey 2020

You can find the long version of the news in TU4U. All current COVID-19 information on teaching and exams can be found as usual in the Intranet and are collected on the central overview page.

Webcam pictures of 12 people.

New: Faculty Representatives for virtual teaching

Since December 2020, there has been a Faculty Representative for Virtual Teaching (German abbreviation: FBVL) for each faculty at TU Graz. On the one hand, the FBVL are the spokespersons for the topic of virtual teaching within the faculty and, on the other hand, the contact point between the OU Educational Technology (LLT) and the faculties. Furthermore, the FBVL support the OU LLT in the further development of virtual teaching at TU Graz. Training tasks as well as technical support (e.g. for the TU Graz TeachCenter) remain with the OU LLT.

How do you find out who is FBVL of your faculty? You can find this information in TU4U at https://tu4u.tugraz.at/go/fbvl. In addition, these persons receive the function "Virtual Teaching Officer" in TUGRAZonline.

Hands working with a notebook and a notepad

First call: Joint Online Courses

The future of education and international collaborations calls for digitalisation! A variety of innovative formats for teaching and learning will be necessary to tackle the challenges. TU Graz is ready to meet these challenges by promoting such formats in cooperation with (strategic) partners. This important step on the path to internationalisation is being promoted with the "Joint Online Courses" call for proposals:

  • 3x 15.000 Euro for the development of new online courses
  • Application deadline: 15 April 2021

Target group

Young TU Graz lecturers (i.e. university assistants, and assistant professors) who are interested in cooperating with an international partner to develop a joint online course for students at both universities. A professor/senior lecturer can act as coach in the project team.


February 2021

Text on the image: COVID-19. Aktuelle Infos: Lehr- und Prüfungsbetrieb. Geschlossene Bereiche.

COVID-19: Current information about teaching and exams

Since 28 December, the traffic light status at TU Graz has been red. This will remain in effect up to and including 28 February. Until then, teaching and exams will only take place on-site in absolutely exceptional cases, there must be a safety distance of two metres to all sides and FFP2 masks are required. Further regulations:

  • Drawing studios, other studios, IT learning centres and learning areas remain closed
  • Party traffic by appointment only
  • On-site exams planned from 8 February can take place

General regulations in force (e.g. for party traffic): www.tugraz.at/go/coronavirus

Regulations for teaching and examinations: Intranet TU4U



Computer screen and text in German: Die TELucation Website ist jetzt auch auf Englisch online.

TELucation website now also available in English

The term TELucation is a neologism composed of the words TEL (technology enhanced learning) and education. One result of this approach is the TELucation folder, which supports teachers by addressing topics related to technology-enhanced teaching and learning.

The website telucation.tugraz.at is the digital version of the analog folder and an OER project of TU Graz. As of February 2021, all contributions to the TELucation folder are also available online in an English version so that our international teachers and students can also benefit from them.

New articles are published at events of the OU Educational Technology or the Vice Rectorate for Academic Affairs and will also be added to the website on an ongoing basis - so keep checking the page!

A man with a tablet. Next to it graphics of cogwheels.

New MOOC: Digital competences for first year students

With the freely accessible online course "Digital Competences for first year Students" (in German), students and all other interested parties gain insight into the digital competence model in six units. The modules include dealing with information and data, creating digital content or problem solving in digital spheres.

In addition to the MOOC, students of TU Graz have the opportunity to participate in the online course of the same name (course number: 706.084) and receive 1.5 ECTS points for it.

The MOOC can be accessed via the recently redesigned iMooX page.

A notebook, next to it a text in German: Rechtlich sicher forschen.

MOOCs for researchers: Secure publishing and research

Two new MOOCs are currently available for researchers at www.iMooX.at to support them in their everyday work:

Legally Secure Publishing

This course provides an initial overview of the legal challenges involved in academic publishing and how best to deal with them. In addition to copyright and contractual issues, interested parties will gain insight into how research results can be successfully patented.

Legally secure research

Scientific research also brings with it legal challenges, for example in data protection when dealing with personal data or in ethical questions when dealing with test subjects. The MOOC offers an overview of the challenges and practical instructions for action.

A man gives a lecture.

Teacher’s discussion group on 24 February: Interaction in online teaching

At the this time’s virtual Teacher’s discussion group (LEHR-Stammtisch) Michael Fuchs, winner of the prize for excellent in digital-supported teaching in the academic year 2019/2020, will give an insight into his teaching and also share his experiences on the topic of the discussion group "Interaction in online teaching". This will be followed by an expert input from Christiane Brockmann from the Center for Educational Development and Technology of the TU Darmstadt

  • When: Wednesday, February 24th 2021, 2 - 4 pm
  • Where: Webex - the meeting link will be sent to the registered participants before the event
  • Registration: www.tugraz.at/go/tisch

You can find information about the format of the Teacher’s discussion group on the Intranet TU4U.

January 2021

Researchers in a lab

Regulations for the summer semester 2021

Like the winter semester 2020/21, the coming summer semester is also to be organised under the premise of "digital first". Teaching and examinations will continue in accordance with the respective regulations of the TU Graz-internal Corona traffic light and are primarily to be held digitally; unrestricted university business will not be possible until further notice. Courses are therefore always to be planned in such a way that an alternative mode of teaching instead of on-site units is possible.


You can find all regulations in place in the intranet TU4U, where they are continously updated.

Two people with a notebook labelled OER

OER policy of TU Graz

Since the end of November 2020, the Open Educational Resources Policy has been in force at TU Graz. The policy is intended to help embed Open Educational Resources to an even greater extent at the university. The aim is to make high quality teaching and learning materials freely accessible and free of charge to a wide range of people. At the same time, the focus is on the legal framework in order to comply with copyright regulations.

OER ultimately promote inclusion, the open exchange between universities, society and companies as well as quality assurance in teaching; the policy also fits directly into the strategic goal of the digitalisation of teaching.

News Review

Find out about what has happened in teaching at TU Graz over the last years.