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Here, you will find news about teaching at TU Graz. Teaching at the university is a constantly evolving profession, whose members strive to offer the students the best possible education to prepare them for their future professional and academic career.

  • Cover booklet for new students

    NEW: Booklet Studying at TU Graz

    To enable an optimal start of studies, a new booklet for first year students was developed. More ...

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    Comprehensive course evaluation

    During the present and the upcoming semester all courses at TU Graz will be scheduled for evaluation. More ...

  • On the left, a person in a black and white pullover can be seen. To the right is a bar chart with different percentages.

    Student Social Survey

    The Student Social Survey 2019 started in the middle of May, organised by the Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS). Please participate! More ...

June 2019

TU Graz teachers with their OER certificates.

First awarding of OER certificates

Under the leadership of the Panel of New Media in the Field of Teaching Austria (Website in German), a concept for OER certification at Austrian higher education institutions was developed. TU Graz contributed significantly to the development of this concept and targets the provision and distribution of Open Educational Resources (OER).

On 6 June, the first three teachers of TU Graz, Christian Höller (Institute of Production Engineering), Roman Maier (Institute for Urban Water Management and Landscape Water Engineering) and Michael Spörk (Institute of Technical Informatics) were awarded with OER certificates in the presence of Rector Kainz. This enables an important contribution to the free access of educational resources as well as to the digitalisation of TU Graz.

Text in the image: I'm sorry for what I said when I was hungry. LLT Frühstück.

LLT Breakfast

The LLT Breakfast, hosted by the organisational unit Educational Technology (LLT), will take place the second time on 19 June. During a cosy breakfast you will have the opportunity to learn new things about the use of digital media in teaching and to exchange ideas with colleagues and the LLT team afterwards in a relaxed atmosphere. Our topic this time: The OER plugin in TeachCenter.

LLT Breakfast

  • When: Wednesday, 19 June 2019, 8 am to 9 am
  • Where: Office of the organisational unit Educational Technology, Münzgrabenstraße 36, first floor, 8010 Graz

Due to organisational reasons, please register for this event at elearningnoSpam@tugraz.at.

Lecture at TU Graz.

Review on the Sustainability Lecture

Within the framework of the (H)TU Sustainability Day (Nachhaltigkeitstag) on 5 June, the Sustainability Lecture, held by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Verena Winiwarter (BOKU Vienna), took place. She dedicated her informative lecture especially to the topic of man-made old burden (e.g. radioactive waste) and which challenges this poses for the topic of sustainability.

HS i9 was filled to the last place and the audience was able to listen to an exciting panel discussion with the lecturer, Rector Kainz, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Heck as well as representatives of the Sustainability Advisory Board and HTU afterwards.

Impressions of the event can be found on the Facebook page Study at TU Graz.

Screenshot of the Teach Center 3.0.

Update 3.0: TeachCenter and TUGRAZonline for students

TeachCenter 3.0 and TUGRAZonline 3.0 for students will be launched on 28 August 2019. The TUGRAZonline update for TU Graz staff is planned for the second half of the year 2020. Both Systems are tested in their suitability for daily use by lecturers and students. 

New features of TeachCenter 3.0:

  • clear layout of menu navigation and dashboard
  • optimised download options
  • user-tours for quick help
  • optimised synchronisation with TUGRAZonline

New features of TUGRAZonline 3.0 for students:

  • clear access via the new desktop
  • handling the student-life-cycle through applications
  • personalised display of the applications (filter options, favorites)
  • optimised for mobile devices

Find further information on the Intranet TU4U.

Cover booklet for new students

NEW: Booklet Studying at TU Graz

To enable an optimal start of studies, a new booklet for first year students was developed. The brochure contains information and useful tips related to various relevant topics:

  • From school to university
  • Where to get information and advice
  • Checklist for getting started
  • Courses
  • Examinations
  • Work environment at university
  • Students’ rights and obligations
  • Practical tips on student life

Starting with the enrolment phase in July, the booklet will be handed out to all first-year-students. You can download the booklet as PDF version.

A green clock tower can be seen next to the lettering "Nachhaltig in Graz".

Sustainable in Graz

The Austrian Sustainability Action Days traditionally take place at the end of May and the beginning of June, 2019 already for the seventh time. While TU Graz focuses on the UN Sustainable Development Goals during the “Sustainability Week” (3 to 7 June), there is a large number of initiatives, ideas and possibilities during the rest of the year as well to shape one's own everyday life.

The project “Sustainable in Graz” provides a platform for people living in Graz to inform about possibilities of a (more) sustainable life, for example in the fields of shopping, mobility, waste and energy, and about how to get active as well. Tips for a sustainable daily life can be found on the Website (in German) or by contacting info@nachhaltig-in-graz.at.

On the left, a person in a black and white pullover can be seen. To the right is a bar chart with different percentages.

Student Social Survey

The Student Social Survey 2019 started in the middle of May, organised by the Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS). The Survey is conducted regularly since the 1970s (latest: 2015) and comprises topics such as access to higher education, motivation to study, income and housing situation. This year, the focus lies on study conditions and the ability to study different courses of studies. Results will be published during spring 2020.

Conducted data delivers important insights about studying and living conditions of students in Austria. The more persons participate, the better it is possible to draw a consistent picture of the students’ situation.

Students are hence kindly invited to participate! Please check your inbox for an E-mail with a link to participate, which has been sent to you in the middle of May.

3 smileys, one green, one yellow and one red next to 3 checkboxes.

Comprehensive course evaluation

During the present and the upcoming semester (SS 19, WS 19/20) all courses at TU Graz will be scheduled for evaluation. This measure serves as quality assurance in making a consequent development of teaching at TU Graz possible and in delivering valuable inputs for teaching staff and their courses.

As soon as the courses are entered for evaluation in TUGRAZonline, lecturers will receive a corresponding E-Mail message from the system. The procedure of the evaluation is the same as usual. For example, lecturers are still able to state own questions. Students are asked for participation!

Information about the process of evaluation can be found on the intranet TU4U.

May 2019

On a courtyard with some trees, two students are riding their TU Graz bicycles. In the background, students are sitting on a bench.

TU Graz Sustainability Week: 3 to 7 June 2019

Austria stands up for the Agenda 2030 – the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). TU Graz takes responsibility and strengthens awareness for SDGs in the Sustainability Week. The highlights of the TU Graz Sustainability Week:

  • (H)TU Nachhaltigkeitstag (Day of Sustainability) on 5 June 2019, 2 pm, Campus Inffeldgasse
  • Sustainability Lecture and panel discussion on 5 June 2019, 12 am to 2 pm, auditorium i9 with Univ.-Prof. Ing. Dr. Verena Winiwarter (BOKU)
  • In the TU Graz Sustainability Week, all our lecturers are asked to refer to the 17 SDGs within their lectures.

These activities shall strengthen the awareness at TU Graz for the goals of the Agenda 2030 and support the goal to ensure that all learners acquire the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development.

Green earth globe. Text on the image: Sustainability Lecture: Nachhaltigkeit als Herausforderung.

Sustainability Lecture: Sustainability as challenge

For the Sustainability Week of TU Graz (June 3 to 7), it was possible to win Univ.-Prof. Dr. Verena Winiwarter (BOKU Vienna) for a lecture. With the phrase Sustainability is more than a worn-out plastic word she dedicates the Sustainability Lecture to social innovations that enable the way to sustainability, the principle of prevention as basic of sustainable acting and the role of interdisciplinary nature at this questions. Following the lecture, there will be a panel discussion with Rector Kainz and representatives of the Sustainability Advisory Board.

Sustainability Lecture: Sustainability as challenge: Innovations, prevention and thinking interdisciplinary

  • When: Wednesday, 5 June 2019, 12 noon to 2 pm
  • Where: Campus Inffeldgasse, HS i9, Inffeldgasse 13, ground floor, 8010 Graz

Registration via www.tugraz.at/go/SL.

A tree trunk and a table. Below is the text "Students' discussion group with Vice Rector Heck.

Student’s discussion group on 28 May

The Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Detlef Heck, and his team regularly host the Student's discussion group. Besides the discussion of current students’ needs, the upcoming discussion group will inform about measures that have been initiated due to past discussion groups. The central part of the discussion will focus on the topic of actively taking exams and which measures could lead to an increase of positively taken exams.

  • When: Tuesday, 28 May, 1 pm to 3 pm
  • Where: Campus Inffeldgasse, VIP-room Mensa, Inffeldgasse 10, first floor, 8010 Graz

NOTE: Due to organisational reasons (Finger food buffet!), please register here for the event: Registration
Limited number of participants.

A hand holds a cup. 3 hands reach for the cup.

TÜV AUSTRIA research award 2019

By the TÜV AUSTRIA research award, degree theses and innovative company projects are awarded. Hard facts:

  • 8,000 € for the best diploma, master or dissertation thesis
  • 5,000 € for the best final thesis of a HTL (secondary technical school)
  • 2,000 € for a technical-innovative company project

Submission deadline: 30 June 2019

Degree theses or corporate practices (for companies) from the time span 2017 to 2019 can be submitted to wissenschaftspreisnoSpam@tuv.at. The winners of the price will eventually be awarded in a ceremonial act.

Information and details are available on the Website of TÜV (in German) or via wissenschaftspreisnoSpam@tuv.at.

Notebook with the logo of TU Graz on the screen and a mortarboard.

New: Long Night against Procrastination

Actively against procasteritis – that’s the motto of the first „Long Night against Procrastination” at TU Graz. No matter if final papers or other deadlines: The Long Night is available to everyone who searches for collective motivation and wants to use a working-intensive night to finally record significant progression. You don’t need to bring anything other than your unfinished paper and a bit of starting motivation. It will be taken care of

  • Working places and electricity connections
  • Food and drinks
  • Individual writing consultation
  • A printing station
  • Breakout sessions that fit the topic

The event:

  • When: 4 June 2019, starting 5.30 pm (Open end)
  • Where: Lecture hall II (HS II), Rechbauerstraße 12, basement, 8010 Graz

Details and registration
NOTE: Limited number of participants!

April 2019

A young woman looks into the camera, holding a TU Graz folder in her hand. In the background two young men look at a piece of paper, one of them is wearing a TU Graz shirt.

Lunch & Teaching: Who are our students?

The spring date of Lunch & Teaching is dedicated to the question: “Who are our students?” Gabriele Suppan is invited as an expert who will stimulate a discussion related to a generational change as well as about the generations Y and Z.

After that, it’s possible to inform yourselves at various stands about the main topic of the event. Additionally, the introduction of the new booklet “Studying at TU Graz – The most important information about your beginning studies” will take place.

  • When: Tuesday, 7 May 2019, 11 am – 1 pm
  • Where: Auditorium of TU Graz, Rechbauerstraße 12/first floor

Please register here until 5 May 2019.
Note: Limited number of participants!

Further information and an overview about past Lunch & Teaching events can be found on the Intranet TU4U.

In a kind of control center many screens with different numbers and data can be seen. Three men are looking at large data projections on the back wall.

Collecting practical experience at KELAG

You are searching for exciting practical experiences during your studies? The KELAG company offers internship semesters in a wide range of different areas, beginning with July 2019:

  • Data analysis for Energy Services
  • Digital HR
  • E-Business
  • E-Mobility Solutions
  • Informational management in the field of telecommunication
  • Competence centre E-Mobility
  • Marketing & Sales in the field of telecommunication
  • Organisation, processes and integration
  • Product development
  • Product management E+ products
  • Programming of roboters in the area of Humanising Technologies
  • Sales management

Applications have to be submitted explicitly via the online form. Deadline: 24 April 2019.

"Mind the Gap"-Logo

5 x 1.000 euros for gender and diversity

Mind the Gap – that’s the motto of the price for gender and diversity. By this, TU Graz supports scientific studies related to the human factor in engineering and science. Overall, five prices with a total value of 5.000 euros are awarded!

Target group: students, teachers and researches. The focus lies on

  • Academic theses (bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral theses)
  • Academic publications
  • Teaching activities
  • Participation in completed or ongoing continuing education activities, workshops, conference contributions.

The entries are evaluated in terms of the quality with which they discuss, consider and/or integrate gender and diversity aspects.

Application form and further information can be found on the Intranet TU4U.

A woman holds moderation cards in her hand and speaks in front of a wall, on which several times the words "Falling Walls Lab" can be seen. Blurred audience can be seen in the foreground.

Falling Walls Lab: Qualifier Event

At the Falling Walls Lab, 14 outstanding young talents from a wide variety of disciplines have been selected to give a 3-minute speed performance of their ideas and projects in front of a top-class jury, headed by former Rector Hans Sünkel. The winners will qualify for the Falling Walls Conference in Berlin on 8 November 2019.

Don’t miss it: The Falling Walls Lab Austria is staged for the first time in Styria, by the hosts TU Graz and Science Park Graz.

Falling Walls Lab – Qualifier Event Austria 2019 for Future Breakthroughs in Science and Society
When: Tuesday, 9 April 2019, 6 pm
Where: TU Graz, Laboratory for Innovation, Inffeldgasse 11, 8010 Graz

Registration: www.tugraz.at/go/falling-walls-lab.

March 2019

A woman is standing in front of an audience.

Ideas competition Falling Walls Lab

At the ideas competition Falling Walls Lab young talents get the chance to convince a top-class jury of their projects. The winner of the Falling Walls Lab Austria is invited to present her/his project to an expert audience at the technological talks at the European Forum Alpbach (August 22-24 2019) and qualifies for the Lab finals in Berlin on 8 November 2019.

Also, the top three competitors of Falling Walls Lab Austria receive the opportunity to present their pitch again in Alpbach. There, the audience decides for a winner who gets enabled as well to participate at the finals in Berlin.

Deadline for applications: 13 March 2019

  • Falling Walls Lab Austria, 9 April 2019
  • Inffeldgasse 11, 3rd floor, Graz

Further information: Falling Walls Lab website or via fwlaustria2019noSpam@tugraz.at.

UniNEtZ logo

Universities and Sustainable Development Goals

Universities count as centres of innovation and play a significant role at the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This motivation signalises the base of the project UniNEtZ (Universities and sustainable development goals). 18 institutions work comprehensively together in contributing to a sustainable development of Austria.

Through an intense discourse with SDGs, principles of sustainability are embedded in research and the field of teaching. The establishment of a Sustainability Committee (Nachhaltigkeitsbeirat) as central contact for sustainability agendas at TU Graz serves as strategic base for the implementation of according measures (e.g. Sustainability Day at TU Graz on 5 June 2019 – Save the date!).

Contact for further questions: alexander.passernoSpam@tugraz.at

Information about the summer semester 2019

3 Studierende blicken auf ein Tablet. Bildquelle: Lunghammer – TU Graz

Information about the summer semester 2019 for students

Summer semester 2019 starts next week. Vice rector Detlef Heck would like to draw your attention on some news and events in the field of teaching:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of all courses
  • Registration for a course due to exceeding the assessment period
  • Visit of all student representatives of TU Graz
  • Event: Student’s discussion group

Summarised information and further links to the topics listed can be foun here in English and German.

Vice rector Detlef Heck, Bildquelle: Lunghammer – TU Graz

Information about the summer semester 2019 for teaching staff

Summer semester 2019 starts next week. Vice rector Detlef Heck would like to draw your attention on some news and events in the field of teaching:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of all courses
  • Correction period and Exams
  • Actively Taking Examinations
  • Start of the course administration
  • TEL Marketplace
  • In-house training in the field of teaching
  • Self-evaluation Lehre 2020
  • LLT Breakfast

Summarised information and further links to the topics listed can be found here in English and German.

February 2019

The screen of an unfolded laptop can be seen, on it is written with chalk as on a blackboard: never stop learning.

Start of iMooX courses

As of March, a wide range of free online courses is offered by iMooX again:

  • Electrical network and plant protection (starting 3 March)
  • STEM course Mathematics (starting 4 March)
  • Programming and processing 1 (starting 4 March)
  • Societal aspects of IT (starting 11 March)
  • Teaching and learning with digital media I (starting 11 March)

The MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) “Electrical network and plant protection“ is part of the course “Protection and Security of Supply in Electrical Power Systems” of Lothar Fickert and functions as accompanying online course. The multimedia contents serve as preparation and deepening of those contents that are part of the in-class course.

Information about and registration for the MOOCs: https://imoox.at.

A cup, a notebook and a pen on a table. Text written in the image: Changes in course administration. Source: Pixabay

Course administration: adaption of the process

Together with the dean’s offices and the Service Department IT Services (ZID), the Vice Rectorate for Academic Affairs edited the process of course administration:

  • Dates, responsibilities and task descriptions of the course administration can now be found on the Intranet TU4U (formerly: TUGRAZonline)
  • Update of the form for assignment and appointment of Lecturers in the TUGRAZonline-Application Course administration (to be applied for extern teaching assignments, for intern ones an E-Mail is sufficient)
  • Simplification of the notification about the scheduling / holding of courses: The forms for reporting available via TUGRAZonline are not obligatory.

Further information can be found on the Intranet TU4U.

Contact for questions: Christoph De Marinis (c.demarinisnoSpam@tugraz.at, +43 316 873 8551)

January 2019

Source: Pixabay

Booklet Teaching at TU Graz: Examining and grading

January usually means a lot of deadlines and exams. Particularly for administering and grading of exams, there is a variety of legal regulations, which are sometimes not that easy to look through. The Booklet Teaching at TU Graz provides help by answering questions such as:

  • Can an oral examination be carried out via Skype?
  • What is the right to alternative examination methods?
  • By which deadlines do written examinations need to be corrected?
  • Can students view documents used for assessment and make a copy of these?

The entire Booklet is available to TU Graz teaching staff as a PDF document in German, English as wells as barrier-free in German on the Intranet TU4U.

Event flyer Lehr-Stammtisch. Source: TU Graz

Teachers’ discussion group on 12 February 2019

On 12 February the event LEHR-Stammtisch (Teachers' discussion group) is going to take place at the Institute of Fundamentals and Theory in Electrical Engineering. Christian Magele, who was awarded the Prize for Excellence in Teaching in 2011, will talk about his experience using a notebook instead of the classical blackboard and the advantages for both teacher and students.

The main topic of the discussion group will be Usage of tablets in lectures as a support tool. The instructional design consulting team (Educational Technology) will give practical advice for how to use this technology within lectures as well as its benefits.

Teachers’ discussion group (LEHR-Stammtisch)
When: Tuesday, 12 February 2019, 2 to 4 pm
Where: lecture hall i14 (room number: HSK1008), Inffeldgasse 18, 1. KG, 8010 Graz
Topics: Usage of tablets in lectures as a support tool.

The event will be held in German. Limited number of participants. Please register at www.tugraz.at/go/anmeldung-lehr-stammtisch

Output and presentations of previous Teachers’ discussion groups on the Intranet TU4U.

On a blackboard you can see a drawn watch and the word "update". Source: Pixabay

The Service Department IT Services (ZID) updates the web-based E-Mail Client Webmail for students. The update comprises for example a refreshed design, technical renewals and the possibility of a Single Sign-On.

  • Transition phase: 22 January, 07 to 09 a.m.

During this time, it’s not possible to retrieve E-Mails via Webmail; Outlook or Thunderbird will function as usual. Following the update, calendars, notes, tasks and contacts have to be imported in the new Webmail system if necessary. ZID provides a PDF document as instruction which can be downloaded (in German): Umstieg auf Webmail neu

News Review

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